Friday, April 22, 2005

Japanese food in Taipei

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Make your reservations at these places

172 Chung Hsiao East Road, Sec 4
San Want Hotel, 4th FL
(02) 2781-6909


98 Chung Hsiao E. Road, Sec. 4
Bistro 98 building, 8th FL
(02) 6638-9699


Mitsukoshi Tien Mu, 7th FL
No. 68, TienMu East Road

Mitsukoshi XinYi, A9, 6th FL
No. 9, Song Shou Road


No. 1 on 146 Alley, Dun Hua S. Rd, Sec 2
(02) 2708-2080

Yummy quick fixes


at Breeze Center
39, Fu Hsing South Rd, Sec. 2


at Breeze Center
39, Fu Hsing South Rd, Sec. 2

You can also give these a try....


nearly everywhere
at 100 stores across Taiwan


156, Mingsheng E. Road, Sec. 3
(02) 2713-9955

Maybe these places had an off day when I visited? I do NOT recommend


Shin Kong Mitsukoshi A4
19, SongGao Road, 6F
(02) 8788-1155


at Far Eastern Hotel, 7th FL
201 Tun Hwa S Road Sec.2 ,
(02) 2376-3241

Someday soon to review...
Where else should I try??

  • Tonkatsu
  • Azabu Sabo
  • Peony Japanese Cuisine
  • Momoyama
  • MoMo Paradise
  • Wasabi
  • Yabu Soba
  • Tanukikoji


Anonymous said...


Try their lunch ,quite authentic Japanese taste with reasonable price.


famous for its grilled eel,serves Japanese local dishes, very famous among Japanese in Taipei

寿司居酒屋 玄海:台北市南京東路二段97号

Not very authentic Japanese but above average and satisfactory as a Sushi resturant in foreign countries.

Anonymous said...


mamamoon said...

Tonight we tried a place called, "Sandwich." We really enjoyed it. They serve tonkatsu set menus ($130-180NT), tonkatsu sandwiches (avg $55NT), individual sized hotpot ($160NT), udon, rice dishes, tea and coffee drinks.

The tonkatsu set comes with a perfectly cooked bowl of rice, misoshiru, freshly shredded cabbage, and the sesame seed mixture you grind with the Japanese mortar and pestle, then add tonkatsu sauce.

Service is quick and courteous. Prices are outstanding for a great meal. You must try it!

Please call to check address:
#2, Alley (I think) 177, Yongji Rd.

Anonymous said...

Great sushi with big melt-in-your-mouth slabs of fish! No English menu but the waiting staff can help. Lovely atmosphere too. I don't know the name/address. Cross Chongqing S Rd Sec 1, east from ShinKong Mitsukoshi onto KaiFeng St (McD's sits in the corner). Go on for 3 minutes. You can't miss it with the dark wood interior and red lanterns.

anton said...

hey my parent's restaurant called Aizuya, near Taida.
I am there every Saturday at the cash register if anyone who needs English Menu or help with the menu you guys can come on Saturday.
ADD:台北市新生南路三段60巷12號 TEL:23660058

CaffeineNicotine said...

My favorite curry shop in Tokyo is CocoIchiban, hands down. I was pleasantly surprised to see that they have a branch in Taipei a few doors down from the Brother Hotel (near the intersection of 南京東路 and 復興北路). Perhaps they have multiple locations, but this branch is actually more upscale than its Tokyo counterparts.

joanh said...

anonymous 2:56am: thanks! i will have to translate the chinese and check out your recs.

anonymous 8:39pm: i do like azabu sabo for casual eating.. haven't been there in awhile so i should go to get some pics to review!

mamamoon: thanks for the rec! those are great prices.. will have to look for it.

anonymous: okay. will have to take Chinese speaker with me to look for it!

anton: cool! so the address is Xin Sheng S Road?

caffienenicotine: wow if it's your fav in Tokyo, it must be good! will have to check it out

Anonymous said...

if you are serious about authentic edo sushi, please definitely go to "野壽司". price range from 2000 and above, ask for chef Nomura's counter seat.
It's probably the best I had in TW.

Tim said...

A family relative treated my cousin and I to Mitsui (@ 108 Dun Hua South Sec.1) last night. While uni, sashimi (on ice with freshly ground wasabi), abalone salad, and grilled king crab were phenomenal I was not "floored" by the grilled scallop, beef chunks atop some-type-of-leaf-over-coals and the miso hot pot.

While eating the sashimi the thought: "so this is what sashimi is supposed to taste like" repeatedly occured in my mind. Although frozen on ice for shipping, I suspect the additional 12 hrs of flight time from Japan to the US alters fishes' flavor a tad.

They checked my forehead temp. upon entering after recommending a hand sanitizer spritz; it didn't offend/bother me as I can respect their decision to do so but really? I typically stay home when ill and not run rampant through the streets spreading germs.

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Great recipes, thanks for sharing these.

Check your credit said...

The one new thing I encountered when I went to Taipei in 2008 was the Moss Burger. They are so cute and yummy. Got them at 7-11!

Term papers said...

I don't like Japanese food much buts it look good.

Anonymous said...

大和日本料理 (Yamato)
中山區錦州街17號1樓 02-2531-7786
(Between Jongshan Elementary School and Ming Chuan East MRT Station)

Best california roll I've had so far in Taipei! Sushi and set meals are all reasonably priced around $200 to $400NTD.

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This is just a great selection of dishes. There are so many more. Good job.

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I love Japanese food. I think the one you named Mos Burger is a famous Korean food called Bulgogi. I am sure of that. Some Japanese restaurants in metropolitan cities of the world may be run by Koreans.

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