Thursday, September 01, 2011

not Taipei: LA Costco

Dear Taipei Costco,

Can you please bring some of this to Taipei? I promise there's a market for huge trays of frozen mexican rice and beans, flautas, tamales and enchiladas. Just ask Macho Tacos, Eddy's Cantina or Mayan Grill. I love you, but the bean and cheese burritos you're currently stocking just doesn't cut it. Or how about the chicken tikka masala or Jack Daniels bbq beef?

I'll even take the "Korean brand beef street tacos." Has anyone in LA actually tried this?

Costco LA has done all the work sourcing it for you- just give them a call or email and I promise I'll spread the word if you do.

Love, a Hungry girl in Taipei visiting in LA


linda said...

Ooh, that reminds me! I went to Macho Tacos last weekend. Thanks for the rec! Soooo glad to be able to find Mexican food in Taipei. :)

kirbie said...

Heehee. I'm curious as to what Taipei Costco has to offer! That reminds me, do you know where to find green tea kit kats in Taiwan other than at Costco? I've had several requests to buy them during my visit but I don't think I'll be able to visit a Costco while I'm there since my family doesn't have a membership.

Anonymous said...

man, i wish there were just more cheese in Taiwan. i miss cheese soooooo much! especially cheap string cheese :]

joanh said...

linda: yay, glad you enjoyed Macho. I know I was desperate for Mexican food in Taipei for the LONGEST time.

kirbie: there are some good finds at Taipei Costco- snacks, frozen baos, seaweed- but I was amazed at what the LA Costco has now. I think you can look for green tea kit kat at 7-11 or Carrefour or Ai-Mart or Welcome though haven't seen them in awhile. it might have been a limited edition thing.

observingexpressions: i know, cheese is pricey in Taiwan, though you can get some good stuff at Costco!

Anonymous said...


Have you try contacting Costco web? I had try to request certain item in Hawaii Costco and they responded in getting in the store now in Hawaii.


Danny said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Johnny said...

can you add in a plea for good hot dogs at the taipei costco too? Whats up with that?

joanh said...

luanne: thanks for the suggestion! i'll have to check it out.. things just aren't in demand in the same way in Taipei!

danny: lots of the same things, but lots of japanese and chinese things like soba, sauces, dumplings, kimchi and curry

johnny: haha, you don't like the hot dogs at Costco? i pick up the ones with cheese..


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