Friday, April 24, 2015

baking/supplies: i recommend YIXING DIY BAKING SUPPLIES

No. 578 Fujin St., Songshan District
(02) 2760-8115

MRT: Songshan Airport Station


Visit reviewed: 12/3/2014

If you love to bake, I'm sure you've done your share of searching Taipei and the internet, wondering where to find baking supplies in Taipei. Looking for things like the most basic cake pans, baking powder, cupcake paper cups, sprinkles seem elusive when you're used to going to your local supermarket or Target and finding whole aisles for it. I've lamented about this over the years- looking for things at Ikea, Muji, City Super, Carrefour, Jason's, Hands Tailung, Nitori, the Taipei International Baking Show and Bake it Yourself and sometimes paying a premium. 

But there's actually a lot of little local shops, usually with the words DIY on the store's sign, that have a treasure trove of goods and supplies if you're willing to sift through it. This shop on Fujin Street has shelves crammed full of flour, ingredients, baking tools, mixes, cake pans, cookie cutters and even ready to bake pie crusts, phyllo dough, mixers and waffle irons. No English signage for the non-Chinese speaker and the store isn't as pretty as Bake it Yourself, but the lower prices make it worth the trip.

don't these look like Runts? remember those?


Anonymous said...

Love baking also and like to find good bakewares to use. Madeline pans of all kind is what I am looking for. Madeline are so easy to make and have them for tea.


Anonymous said...

Lived in Taipei 6 years with my family and we always went to a bake shop right around the corner from Wanlong station exit 4. On lane 218, section 5, roosevelt road, right next to the family mart at the end of the lane across from the park. Here's the street view. It's the shop with the "DIY" sign. It contains stuff very similar to the one's in this post.

Priscilla Tjen said...

This place still exist? I just look at the google street view but didn't see this shop..

joanh said...

@priscilla-yup still there. I just called and checked. You can call and check with them their address and hours

joanh said...

Anonymous- cool! Thanks for leaving a comment. There quite a few of these DIY supply shops, just hard for us non chinese readers to look them up!


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