Monday, June 26, 2017

taiwanese/breakfast: RUI AN SOY MILK KING

No. 69 RuiAn St.
(02)  2705-3377

MRT: Daan or Technology Building Station (about 5-10 minute walk)

Hours: 24 hours

$ (NT$60)

kid friendliness: Room for kids to sit and strollers.

Visit reviewed: 3/15/2017

[TAIPEI] Good morning! Tried this Taiwanese breakfast spot a few months ago, a block away from my usual spot on Fuxing, which has become a bit of tourist spot somehow with longer lines than I've ever seen in the years I've been going. 😂 So I've been slowly trying different locations to broaden my dou jiang horizons because we don't always have an hour to wait at Fu Hang

Rui An Dou Jiang Da Wang, or Rui An Soy Milk King, is a lot roomier and open than the usual Taiwanese breakfast restaurants, kind of like a large stall. It's easy to spot with it's bright red sign and corner location. There's a bit more elbow room and space to have conversations, and fairly clean.There's also a ton more variety than just soy milk and shao bing you tiao. Rui An also has pan fried buns, chive boxes, curry pastries and noodle soups. You can point and order since there are some ready to go on the counter. Decisions, decisions.. an array of choices for breakfast. What's your favorite Taiwanese breakfast order?

The positive of having all the goods laid out is that it makes it easy to grab and go when you are in a rush, and this spot is rarely crowded so you don't have to wait in line. The negative is that some things taste better hot, and they didn't reheat any of the pastries that we ordered when I took friends on later visits. I wonder if this place is happening after hours, since it's open 24 hours. 

I ended up getting a youtiao #油條 (fried dough stick) wrapped with an inside out danbing #蛋餅 (egg crepe) and a cup of soymilk #豆漿. Grand total - 55NT or about US$2.  I'll have to come back to try the bacon danbing and noodle soup next time! 

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