Wednesday, April 07, 2021

tasting menu/bbq: I strongly recommend FIREPLAY TAIPEI

No. 6號, Lane 128, Fuhua Road, Shilin District, Taipei 

MRT: Zhishan 

website: Fireplay FB page

hours: 6PM - 12AM; closed Monday and Tuesday  

$$  (dinner tasting menu NT$2400 + 10%)

Visit reviewed: 3/2021 (I was invited, but opinions are my own.)

Monday, April 05, 2021

street eats: I strongly recommend SPRING ONION PANCAKE VENDOR

corner of Anhe Road, Sec. 1 and Lane 102

Kid friendliness: you will see a line of kids waiting their turn afterschool 

Visit reviewed: 3/2021

When ordering spring onion pancake from a street vendor in Taipei, you will have to make a series of decisions. First decide if you want a half sheet (NT$30) or whole sheet (NT$60), then decide with egg or without, then lastly with sauce or without and if you want it spicy or not. Don't take too long to put in your order, otherwise you might have to wait an extra 5-10 minutes if others put in their order first. 

This street vendor often has a gaggle of kids and parents patiently waiting while he griddles, flips and rolls out new batches of dough with his magic rolling pin. After he's done rolling the pancake flat, he pulls out thin wooden center to fold half of it over again, so when he has to lift it, he can just lift the whole thing rather than try to scrape it off, and stand the outside of the pin on its side so it doesn't roll away. Kind of genius. 

I love the spring onion pancake here because it's just the right amount of doughy, chewy, crispy and hey all those hungry kids spending their pocket change on their afternoon snack can't be wrong. 

Tuesday, March 30, 2021

western: i still strongly recommend LAWRYS TAIPEI


at Bellavita, 6F
28 Songren Road, Xinyi District 
(02) 2729-8555

MRT: Taipei City Hall

hours: 11:30AM - 3PM; 5:30PM- 10PM

Kid friendliness: high chairs and kids meals available 

Visit reviewed: 3/2021 (this meal was comped but opinions are all my own)
previous visit: 11/2011 

Lawry's Taipei moved to Bellavita last fall, its third and newest home in Taipei since opening in 2002. The new space is brighter with floor to ceiling windows and makes for much better photos than its previous basement location, and you might even get a seat with a view of Taipei 101. 

When I posted on Instagram earlier this week, many followers exclaimed they didn't even know Lawry's existed in Taipei. It's true I hadn't posted about Lawry's for ten years even though I had been a loyal customer since 2007. It was hard to take an appetizing photo there, and the plate always looked consistently the same. 

In recent years, the competition for steak in Taipei has gotten fiercer. Just in the Xinyi District alone, there is Texas Roadhouse, Morton's and Smith and Wollensky (which all show up as related searches on google when you search for "Lawrys Taipei"), and that's not even mentioning places like Top Cap, Wildwood or Muchoyaki. 

But for prime rib... Lawry's is still the best. 

The spinning salad with extra cold fork. The creamed corn. The Yorkshire pudding. The creamy and original horseradish sauce. The Lawrys' seasoned pepper and salt. The huge silver cart with prime rib cut to order with au jus and scoops of mashed potato. All the ritual of the classic Lawry's experience is still the same even after all this time. 

I like to get the prime rib "a la carte" which still comes with bread and butter and salad. If you upgrade to the set, you get an appetizer, soup, salad and dessert, but usually that makes the meal longer and I just want to get to the prime rib. The 10 ounce Lawry's Cut (NT$2590) should be plenty for most people, but if you're really hungry you can go for the 16 ounce Diamond Cut (NT$3690) or pack leftovers for prime rib sandwiches the next day. There's also the California and English cuts (6-7.5 ounces) or the 5 ounce Taipei Cut available only during lunch, 

Don't forget to mention if it's your birthday or anniversary and get a souvenir photo to take home. They used to have polaroids but now it's printed from an iPhone. I wish it was still Polaroid, but you can't 'complain about a complimentary service. 

PS. Yay for birthdays- this post was typed up and photos uploaded from my new MacBook Air. 💝 Let's see if we can keep posts going in 2021. 

I love this salad. the dressing, the beets, the bits of egg and crispness of the romaine.

creamed corn and creamed spinach

Friday, March 26, 2021


Five Restaurants in Taiwan named to Asia's 50 Best Restaurants list

Chefs across Asia celebrated together, but separately as the 2021 Asia's 50 Best Restaurants was announced in a virtual ceremony rather in an onsite awards celebration for the second year in a row. 

A record number of 5 restaurants repping Taiwan were named to Asia’s 50 Best, making us proud- Mume (15), RAW (21), new entry Logy (24), JL Studio in Taichung (26) and Shoun Ryugin (45). Team joins the list for the first time at #24 and chef Ryogo Tahara says “it’s a dream come true. It’s because of my team I can accomplish this goal.” 

Congrats also to Singaporean chef Angela Lai, named 2021 Asia’s Best pastry chef. You can currently try her desserts at two Michelin star restaurant Tairroir. 

I’ve been thinking about what it means that The Chairman is the first Chinese restaurant to be named number 1 restaurant in Asia, especially after a year where anti-Asian and anti-Chinese hate has risen around the world after a difficult year for everyone around the world. The world is a complicated place- and the gap between America where I grew up and Asia which is my home now has become so large. But to see the cross cultural camaraderie between the chefs, to witness their dreams come true, the recognition by #Asias50Best for many restaurants in Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, Thailand, Taiwan and more is a celebration for all the restaurants that have survived and strived to be places we hope to go to after we can safely travel again. It’s not a competition to see who can be best, rather it’s a way to push and lift each other up and forward, and that's what we will need to do after the pandemic. 

  1. THE CHAIRMAN, Hong Kong
  2. ODETTE, Singapore
  3. DEN, Japan
  4. LE DU, Thailand
  5. GAGGAN ANAND, Thailand - New Entry - Aspire Lifestyles Highest New Entry Award 2021
  6. SUHRING, Thailand
  7. FLORILEGE, Japan
  8. LA CIME, Japan
  9. NARISAWA, Japan
  10. MINGLES, South Korea 
  11. SORN, Thailand
  12. SAZENKA, Japan
  13. LES AMIS, Singapore
  14. BURNT ENDS, Singapore
  15. MUME, Taiwan 
  16. VEA, Hong Kong - Gin Mare Art of Hospitality Award 2021
  17. NEIGHBORHOOD, Hong Kong
  18. INDIAN ACCENT, India
  19. L’EFFERVESCENCE, Japan - Beronia Highest Climber Award 2021
  20. NUSARA, Thailand - New Entry
  21. RAW, Taiwan
  22. FU HE HUI, China
  23. ZEN, Singapore
  24. LOGY, Taiwan - New Entry
  25. 25. BELON, Hong Kong
  26. JL STUDIO, Taiwan
  27. ODE, Japan
  28. CAPRICE, Hong Kong
  29. MINISTRY OF CRAB, Sri Lanka
  31. CLOUDSTREET, Singapore – New Entry
  32. MASQUE, India
  33. 8 1/2 OTTO E MEZZO BOMBANA, Hong Kong
  34. 7TH DOOR, South Korea - New Entry
  36. BORN & BRED, South Korea – New Entry
  37. AMBER, Hong Kong
  38. TA VIE, Hong Kong
  39. ANAN SAIGON, Vietnam - New Entry
  40. LABYRINTH, Singapore - New Entry and Winner of Flor de Cana Sustainable Restaurant Award 2021
  41. EUPHORIA, Singapore – New Entry
  42. JAAN BY KIRK WESTAWAY, Singapore
  43. HANSIKGANGGAN, South Korea
  44. MONO, Hong Kong – New Entry
  45. SHOUN RYUGIN, Taiwan
  46. GAA, Thailand
  47. LUNG KING HEEN, Hong Kong
  48. SEVENTH SON, Hong Kong
  49. TOYO EATERY, Philippines
  50. WING LEI PALACE, Macau

Tuesday, January 05, 2021

#hungrylist/ burgers: BEST BURGERS IN TAIPEI

A hungry girl’s list to burgers in taipei 

work in progress 

Are these the best burgers in Taipei in 2020? There’s quite a few new contenders that I haven’t tried yet, but these are the ones that I would go back today to go eat, and find myself routinely getting burgers to go. Bottless and Le Blanc are sit down restaurants with entire menus tempting you away from the burger, and you can add on foie gras or egg at Le Blanc. 

Burger and Co, JB Burger and Louis Burger are straightforward. great burgers with good ingredients, proportions and fries worth ordering. I also love the milkshake at Burger and Co, and the freshly cut fries at JB are the most like In N Out. And FYI, there’s nowhere to sit down at Louis Burger, but it’s very price friendly to reflect that. 


Bottless / Songshan 

Burger and Co / Daan 

Le Blanc / Daan 

JB burger / Daan 

Louis Burger / Tianmu 


Selfish Burger / Xinyi 

Awesome Burger  /Xinyi 

Burger Ray / Daan 

Morton’s / Xinyi 

KGB / Daan 

M One Cafe / Daan 

1885 / Songshan 

Bravo / Songshan 

Avenue / Daan 

Meat Up/ Ximen 


Butcher by LanPengYou / Xinyi 

Big Al’s / Songshan 

Wagyu Burger / Daan 

Sheep and Pony / Daan 

Taihu Tasting Room / Daan 

Everywhere Burger Club / Daan 

Thefreen / Songshan + Xinyi + Zhongzheng 

BSB / Neihu 

Lovss burger / Wenshan 

Oldies Burger /Datong 


Miss Green / Daan 

Ooh Cha Cha / Daan + Zhongzheng 

Wildwood / Xinyi 

Baganhood / Xinyi 

Little Tree Food / Daan 


Mos Burger 

Burger King 

The Diner 


Gordon Biersch




Punch burger 


BLT burger 

Fanier Burger

Burger Fix

Burger Stop 

Manhattan Gold Burger 

California Grill





MOS BURGER -  rice burgers 

Peanut butter burger 

Veggie burger 

Foie gras burger 

Bone marrow burger 

Please add any of your favorites that I missed in the comments below! Until the next post, see you on instagram @hungryintaipei