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Monday, July 02, 2018


A lot of you might have noticed that I've posted less and less on the blog over the years. I've started to freelance as a (paid) contributing writer for various sites and publications. In case you missed it, this was an article for Taiwan News of some of my favorites and places I wanted to try last summer. This obviously skews more internationally- as they were new openings of a modern Vietnamese restaurant from Vegas and two Korean BBQ joints with roots from Korea, a world famous Japanese ramen with insane lines, and a cheese shop serving up Italian cheeses. Almost a year later, all of them are still putting out good food and Longtail was even awarded a Michelin star! The only ones I still haven't tried yet are Longtail and EPL- where does the time go? Time for another round up. 

Do you want to see more round ups like this on the blog? I know my readers are split- many of you are finding my blog when you are researching where to go for a first time visit and others have been living here a long time like me. 

10 new places to eat next in Taipei

HungryinTaipei's (HiT) list of what's been trending and new in Taipei, Summer 2017


(Photo by @hungryintaipei) 
District One Taipei just soft opened last week, but photos of their signature lobster pho have already drawn in crowds to their shop in the Da'an district. Opened by Chef Khai Vu and the team from Revel Eatery, District One brings Vegas modern Vietnamese to Taipei, with delicious dishes like beef carpaccio, crispy egg rolls, oxtail fried rice and pork vermicelli. The lobster pho might get all the (well deserved) attention, but the brisket oxtail pho (NT$300) with the tender meat and beefy broth is definitely not to be missed. 
No. 21, Alley 7, Lane 181, ZhongXiao East Road, Section 4, DaAn District 


(Photo by @hungryintaipei) 
Now that the lines have died down a little bit, it's time to try the ramen that broke the world record for longest consecutive line in the world (over 250 hours!). Because Ichiran is open 24 hours a day, they had people waiting around the clock for over ten days. Known for its single person booth seating, Ichiran serves mainly one thing, tonkotsu ramen (NT$288), but customized hundreds of ways depending on how rich you want your broth and dashi, how strong your spiciness and how firm you want your ramen. I recommend adding the egg, extra pork and seaweed "Ichiran special" (NT$134) because one slice of pork won't be enough. 
No. 97 Songren Road, XinYi District, (02) 2758-3868 

(Photo by @hungryintaipei) 
Buying cheese in Taipei can sometimes feel like highway robbery, paying a fortune for a sliver of truffier or comte that is gone in a few bites. That's why I found myself very excited when I finally went to Gusto Market, a small shop located on the same alley as Addiction Aquatic Development. Owner William Di Nardo, formerly a chef at Osteria by Angie, brings his experience and tastebuds to not only bring in an array of Italian cheeses (burrata!), wines, olive oils and products, but also is helpful in suggesting what you would like, at prices that can't be beat. 
No. 6, Alley 23, Lane 410, Minzu East Road, ZhongShan District,  (02) 2518-0458 @gusto.taiwan
Longtail is the newest venture for Chef Kin Ming Lam and his team (Chou Chou, AChoi) which continues his Taipei streak of modern fusion menus, cocktails, desserts and space that feels grown up. Dishes like charred foie gras dumplings (NT$680), shrimp sliders with pickled onions and sriracha (NT$420) and fried chicken, raita, curry leaf gives you a taste of the layered flavors and ingredients that Chef Lam brings to the table. I've heard their cocktail game is also strong and they are open only for dinner, but they stay open until 3 a.m.
No. 174 DunHua South Road, Section 2, DaAn District, (02) 2732-6616

(Photo by @hungryintaipei) 
Despite the name, Honolulu Cafe serves up Hong Kong Cafe eats (Cha Chaan Teng) rather than Hawaiian food, as fans of the original shop, opened since the 1940s in Hong Kong, know. The first Taipei branch opened earlier this summer in the basement of Xinyi Mitsukoshi, with a full menu of roast meats, dim sum, stir fried, claypot, rice and noodle dishes as well as the classics, pineapple buns stuffed with butter, Hong Kong style French toast drenched in honey and Hong Kong milk tea. The MUST ORDER here are the signature pastry egg tarts (NT$35 each or NT$100 for three) and I always order extra to take home. 
Xinyi Mitsukoshi A11, B1, No. 11 SongShou Road, XinYi District, (02) 6613-1013

(Photo from Maple Tree House Facebook) 

(Photo from Meatlove Facebook) 
The two latest additions to the Taipei Korean bbq scene have roots from Korea, as Maple Tree House is a popular chain in Seoul and Meat Love has a Korean founder that has popular restaurants in Korea. Both offer an assortment of beef, pork and wagyu cuts to grill and unique panchan like marinated perilla leaves (Maple Tree House) and cold vegetable broth (Meat Love). My must orders are Maple Tree House's jumbo galbi tang (Korean beef rib soup) (NT$520) and Meat Love's housemade kimchi and soupy cold noodles. 
No. 585 Guangfu South Road, XinYi District, (02) 8780-9222 @mapletreehouse_taipei
No. 468 Xinyi RoadSection 4, XinYi District, (02) 2729-9488 @meatlove_taipei

(Photo from Liquid Bread Company Facebook) 
When I heard that Purebread Bakery and Gen Creative were the partners behind the newly opened Liquid Bread Company, I suddenly understood why pastrami and carnitas sandwiches had been popping up on my Instagram feed the last few weeks. With sandwiches like Taipei Bomber (ham and cheese with egg salad on sourdough) Pot Belly and Carnitas (NT$290-420), this is next on my list to try. Add on beers on tap from Taihu Brewing, craft beers, bags of chips and and housemade chocolate chip cookies make the hipster Subway sandwich shop that Taipei didn't know it needed. 
No. 270 Yanji Street, DaAn District (02) 2704-6318 @liquidbreadco

(Photo from EPL Facebook) 
If seafood towers decked out with oysters, king crab and lobsters upon ice are your thing, then EPL Steakhouse is where you should take your friends. The most drool worthy dishes I spied on Instagram were the lobster mac and cheese, crab au gratin, t-bone steak and chicken and waffles. Currently open dinner only, signature cocktails include Flaming Pink Panther and Sunset Over Rio. 
No. 147 DaAn Road, Section 1, DaAn District, (02) 2752-7191, @epl_tpe

(Photo by @hungryintaipei) 
There's no shortage of shaved ice places in Taipei, so it was to my surprise that I found myself waiting for over 30 minutes in blistering Taipei humidity, in line with over a dozen young women dressed for selfies. Ice Mountain's menu includes mango shaved ice, boba milk tea shaved ice, fruit shaved ice. The good news is that the shaved ice was actually very tasty- the fruit ice with lychee shaved ice (NT$160) was my favorite and half sizes in cups are available. The bad news is that the space is incredibly narrow and cramped and every corner of the pink and sky blue shop is primed for photo ops, so you might find yourself trying to avoid being in the background of someone's IG story or waiting in line for photos in the neon lit, pool toy corner. 
No. 16, Lane 41, Nanjing East Road, Section 2, ZhongShan District, @icemountain2017

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