Tuesday, January 25, 2011

snapshot/dessert: i recommend canales from POZZO BAKERY

The first time I had a canele was a few months ago at an event. The caterer had a limited supply, so he cut each tiny canele into 4-6 pieces. The bite of crispy, carmelized shell and custard flavored, moist interior had me hooked.

So when I spotted these babies at Pozzo Bakery at San Want Hotel while picking up their garlic bread and walnut and cheese bread (their number one sellers for a good reason), I had to get a couple.

The outside is rock hard and needs a knife to break in and the flavor is very sweet and addicting. If you weren't familiar with a canele, you might think at first glance it's chocolate flavored because of the brown coloring, but there is none. It's almost echoes the eggy sweet flavors and textures of a perfect french toast- as a canele is made with egg yolks, sugar and milk, with touches of vanilla and rum.

Pick up a couple an make your own afternoon tea or dinnertime dessert plate.

POZZO BAKERY at San Want Hotel
172 ZhongXiao E Rd, Sec 4
(02) 2772-2121 ext. 2126

MRT: Zhongxiao/DunHua

open daily: 7AM- 10PM

Last reviewed- 9/28/2006


Anonymous said...

Been looking around for an Italian Bakery that make a sweet spinach pastry. I had it in San Francisco North Beach Italian Bakery which was so good.


Wida said...

It looks soooooo yummy!!

Missing Amsie Blog

Greg said...

Oh, canelé is great... I had very nice one in the bakery of the Dunhua Eslite basement.

Anonymous said...

Great site.

When are the year-end awards coming out?

Ken said...

I just bought a couple of canales for a snack - they are delicious! Luckily, they don't make them so large. Otherwise, I'd really pig out.

Anne said...

I've never had the Pozzo ones, but the Boite de Bijoux (Shida or Anhe Road) canale are really great. I like the chocolate ones, because no one can have too much chocolate..

joanh said...

stella: hmm, that sounds good. will let you know if i find one!

wida: thanks!

greg: yes, the Bonjour caneles are very good!

anonymous: soon!!! thanks for asking. i'm hoping by the end of the month!

ken: haha! I know what you mean.

anne: thanks for commenting! i've been to boite de bijoux but haven't tried their caneles. i'll have to investigate! :)

Wynand said...

Read your blog and then went out to Pozzo especially to try them out. At TWD88 for two they don't come cheap but they sure were tasty. I have to say though that these canales are incredibly sweet and definitely need to be accompanied by a rich cup of black coffee.


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