Monday, July 10, 2017

breakfast/western: i strongly recommend ANTIPODEAN

No. 4, Lane 26, Gangqian Rd, Neihu District, Taipei City, 114
(02) 8751-0027

MRT: Gangqian

hours: 9AM - 6PM

price: $$

visits reviewed: 9/19/2016, 12/15/2016

My must orders: acai bowl, avocado breakfast plate, raspberry tart

Down a typical residential Taipei alley in Neihu is a small bright blue sign with a kangaroo logo. Turn left and when you're greeted by an even bigger pop of color with cerulean blue benches and a huge sign you'll have discovered Antipodean. It's a great place to grab a quiet breakfast since it opens at 9AM, or a group of friends for lunch to share salmon avocado toast, big breakfast plates and my favorite acai bowl (of the moment) in Taipei.  Dare I say an avocado toast and acai bowl wave has been rolling through Taipei the past year? Add this cute cafe in Neihu to the list, @theantipodean does it quite well.

The brunch menu is short and sweet, but avocado lovers will be happy to find that you can either have it mashed on toast (with smoked salmon and arugula), sliced on a breakfast plate (with baked beans, eggs, hash browns, mushrooms and a baked half tomato), or baked with spicy chorizo. 

Someone asked me the other day to recommend good coffee shops #☕️ to be able to work in, with free wifi and an outlet for a laptop. I recommended a few, including @theantipodean. Do you guys have any favorite coffeeshop offices? 

Water, cups and utensils are self serve. 

Lots of pretty corners to choose from for those with the patience to pose for selfies or pose their food. 

Having been to the Antipodean several times, my go to order now is the Avocado big breakfast (NT$320) since it has a little bit of everything, and you can DIY your avocado toast with the slices of sourdough they give you. The scrambled eggs are fluffy and creamy, baked bean slightly sweet, roasted mushrooms and tomato to feel healthy.

If you're looking for meat in your morning, then the Antipodean Big Breakfast (NT$320) swaps out avocado for bacon and sausage.

I'll always remember the Antipodean as the first place I ever tried an acai bowl (only a few months ago. I know totally behind the times), and though I've only tried a couple afterwards, I still like Antipodean's the best. The consistency and iciness of the acai smoothie is just right and their house made granola gives a nice sweet crunchiness. Even though I had a little bit of sticker shock the first time as their bowl is NT$380, the size is larger than the other places I've had it and they do not skimp on the fruit. Deflect the cost by sharing with friends. 

Loved the thin slivers of almonds, the caramelized granola and the fat slices of bananas, strawberries and blackberries (Yay!! Loveeee blackberries). Can you believe this was my first acai bowl EVER? Underneath the layer of crunch and fruit are creamy, icy spoonfuls of acai berry smoothie. 

I think I was always a bit intimidated by not knowing what it would taste like (and how do you pronounce acai anyway?!) but if you like yogurt bowls, you should enjoy this. 

Avocado toast hiding under the smoked salmon. I do love it with the arugula. (NT$320 for 2)

Founded in April 2016, the name of the Antipodean is a nod to its founder's Australian roots, and calls itself a third wave Australian inspired coffee shop. It does remind me a bit of Woollooomoolo in the early days with their breakfast plates before they raised prices and made portions smaller, and made certain menu items exclusive to weekends. The owner is quite friendly and you might catch him behind the counter to strike up a conversation. I've been wanting to keep Antipodean to myself since their space is limited, but I've already seen a flurry of instagram posts with their bright blue table and carefully placed dishes since I first posted it, so I might as well post my write up for my friends who have been asking me "what's good there?" 


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