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It was not until I had lunch at Monsieur L a few days ago that I discovered it was Taipei Restaurant Week. Well, Taipei Restaurant Week and a few days, technically, since it goes from August 29- September 11. Taipei Restaurant Week sometimes can be a good deal (at least when I tried it the dineLA version in LA) when restaurants offer up a set menu usually more affordable than the sum of its parts. The set at Monsieur L definitely is worth trying with the three course menu at NT$999 that has a HUGE pork tomahawk as an option. 

Taipei Restaurant Week is organized by EZTable, so the reservations can be booked through them and you can also check out the menus for each restaurant. While some of the restaurant names aren't in English, the menus all have both Chinese and English on them. I haven't tried booking through EZ table yet, but there's quite a few restaurants I haven't been to yet that are now on my radar. And so many restaurants that I _have_ been to to blog about. 

Here are participating restaurants in Taipei Restaurant Week 2017: 

Sets NT$599/899 
  • Restaurant Page
  • Osteria by Angie 
Sets NT$599/1099
  • Just Grill (semi buffet) 
  • Antico Forno 
  • Goodies Cuisine
  • O'Steak 
Sets NT$799/ NT$899
  • Timber
  • Jian Yan Tang Teppanyaki
  • Jamie's Italian Taiwan
  • Yellow Lemon (NT$799)
Sets NT$799/NT$1099 
  • L'Idiot 
  • La Farfalla (Humble House) semi buffet
  • Grace Restaurant (only dinner NT$1099)
  • BeApe
  • Da Antonio at 101
  • Senn (only dinner NT$1099)
Sets NT$799/1299
  • La Lupa Classic 
  • Sonoma Grill Steak and Teppanyaki 
  • Wine-derful 
  • Trastevere 
  • Que (amba Songshan) (only dinner NT$1299) 
  • Jing Zi Teppanyaki 
  • Moonlight Cantonese (Taipei Marriott) 
  • Danieli (Westin Taipei) 
  • Momoyama (Sheraton Hotel) (only dinner NT$1299) 
Sets NT$999/NT$1299
  • Toscana (Sherwood Hotel)
  • Mediterranean Steak House (Riviera Taipei Hotel)
  • Monsieur L Restaurant
  • Tian Hsiang Lo (Landis Hotel)
  • GMT Gourmet Kitchen (Grand Mayfull Hotel) 
  • Yen (W Hotel)
  • TK Seafood and Steak  (Hotel Proverbs)
  • Garden Kitchen (Taipei Marriott) Semi-buffet
  • Prime One 
  • Red Flower Teppanyaki 101
  • nku
  • Shintori Taipei 
  • Danny and Company Bistro (Dazhi) 
  • In Between
  • L'origins by La Credenza 
  • Danny's Whats Grill 
  • Joseph Bistro (Indian)
  • San Hua Japanese
  • Xiang Se
  • Ziga Zaga (Grand Hyatt)
  • Bianco Taipei 
  • The Chapter
  • Brasserie Bon Recotte
Sets NT$999/NT$1599
  • Fresh and Aged Italian Steak House (Semi Buffet)
  • Lawrys
  • Ben Teppanyaki (NT$899/1599)
  • Shin Yeh 101
  • Origines (NT$1599 dinner only) 

Lunch NT$1350 / Dinner NT$2399
  • Orchid Restaurant
  • Danny and Company
  • Tairroir
  • Top Cap by Danny
  • Danny's Steakhouse
Dinner only NT$2399
  • Paris 1930 (open for dinner only)
  • Kinsui 

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Phazer said...

This is by far one of the best places to hang with friends, have great drinks (amazing beer selection), eat some great food, including the great lunch I had at Seattle venues. Prices are very reasonable and the pizza was awesome.


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