Wednesday, January 28, 2009

not taipei: Bali recommendations?

Hi all!!

Hope you are all enjoying your Chinese New Year holidays! I'm going to Bali for a short family trip and wondering if anyone can give me any must eats recommendations or things to do there!

Happy Year of the Ox!


Paul said...

I went there in summer of 2006, and I remember there's a row of excellent seafood restaurants along the shore near the airport. The seafood is all live, and you pick what you want and how many kilos of it you want, for example shrimp, clams, calamari, and even lobster. It's close enough to the airport that you can watch planes carrying more tourists land at regular intervals. You sit outside directly on the beach, and the servers bring your meal out to you; quite an experience. Be aware though, me and my gf ended up spending around 900,000 Indonesia Rupiah, which is roughly $80 US. I think our tour guide mentioned that the avg monthly salary there is close to $50/month, so it puts things in perspective.

There's also a bunch of more "normal" food you can find just wandering around on the street, such as Bali's take on American and Chinese cuisine however, getting a local tour guide is highly recommended; at approximately $35 per day, he'll be able to show you other good eats, as well as other attractions. If you'd like some pictures of the food, I'd be happy to email them.

PS, I enjoy your site alot, it's great to read even if I'm no longer in Taiwan.

Keiko said...

I just came back from Bali...I hope you're not going with a's so annoying.
There's a row of fancy restaurants for foreigners but looks good in Kerobokan-Jalan raya?
CHeck out the market and stores nearby in Ubud.
I was in Kuta..hit the beach!

and go to the beach and surf!!...remember, bargain, cut straight up 80% from prices they offer!! they always start 150 000 rupees and then sell it at like 30 000...good luck!

Anonymous said...

Mozaic Restaurant in Ubud is one of the best places to go. i have been there 2 years ago, and still like to remember teh dining experience. you can sit outside under a tremdous sky or inside.
food is terrific and service as well
perfect menus (3 different types) with excellent wines!
not cheap (around 150 USD per person) but defintely worth the unforgettable experience!


Anonymous said...

Hi there, Mosaic as mentioned below is very good and decent value for money too. Ask for a table outdoors but use mosquito repellent. Ku De Ta is very touristy and the food isn't spectacular but nonetheless, still offers one of the most breathtaking sunsets in Bali. For a more casual meal, try Cafe Warisan. Or if you're up for it, you can also eat at the roadside stalls; Bali is famous for the Turtle Sateh, basically kinda like yakitori without the sweet sauce. Also the Babi Kuning which is like suckling pig is very local to Bali as the rest of Indo is Muslim and pork is not often found.

P.S. Love your blog! Will be in TPE in Mar and will try the recommendations!

Tony Pace said...

Bumbu Bali out on the long neck with all the fancy resorts is a must see - absolutely fantastic food. A bit expensive to get there and a bit pricy there but truly worth it. One of the best meals of my life.

Also, some of the street vendors satay barbecue sticks are wonderful. A lot of the small restaurants' food is very good. And the famous coconut roast pig, of course.

Geneva Furniture is a fantastic source of gifts at rock bottom no hassle prices.

Skip Kuta. I would rather deal with locusts than some of the people there.

brw said...

I LOVE FOOD. I start with this so that you understand that I don't recommend likely. Definitely take my suggestions into account when youre in Bali (I was there in November), if you get to Ubud, where you can find the folllowing: Kafe Batan Waru for awesome midrange, notable mention 'ayam rica-rica' is an epic dish and a must-try here if visiting. Warung Nasi Goreng near monkey road is a great and cheap lunch stop. Bakso is nice dumpling soup, like 40 cents from most street carts. and great tempeh dishes available everywhere for vegetarians (my meat-loving boyfriend loved the local tempeh dish that you can find everywhere). Warung Ibu Oka for awesome suckling pig (featured on travel channel with anthony bourdain but still authentic as can be, equal locals and tourists. youre in and youre out, no lingering.) Enjoy. Can't wait for your report.

brw said...

P.S. - You may experience Bali Belly, especially if you like spicy food. Don't worry, you didnt eat anything bad, and it will pass quite quickly (it may show up once every day or every other day). This happened to nearly everyone I met while traveling, but was never more than...a passing problem. Not a hinderence to enjoying all of the local food, just something to be aware of in the hour or so after a meal. Sorry, I tried to say that as undetailed as possible.

Also, if you get a chance, go to the feast at Ketuts Place in Ubud. I forgot to mention it earlier. Opportunity to taste various local dishes all at same time, and delicious. You WILL eat too much.

ine said...

i'm indonesian..I will tell you some of authentic Bali's food have to try to eat at Jimbaran area..along that beach there are many good seafood restaurant and the atmosphere is so romantic.. And if you go to Ubud area you can try Bebek Bengil..just ask the clue to go there when you arrive, Bali is small.. in Ubud there's also pork menu at Warung's a small restaurant, at 2 o'clock the menu is already finished.. the food is spicy.. In Denpasar (it's the capital of Bali) can go to Jl. Teuku Umar, you can try to eat Ayam Penyet or eat at Kedai..well have a nice trip

ine said...

well.. i wrote's not Warung Ida but Warung Ibu Oka hehe... and i also reccomend you to eat at Dulang's on Kuta Square area...i never feel dissapointed to try the menu there..

tt said...

Holy smokes, Hungry've got quite the responses going on here. Sounds like there are a lot of good things to try in Bali, and Indonesia in general.

Like I mentioned in the TLB blog, the thing I always read about is their Satays. In addition to the different meats, there are a bunch of different sauces and marinades, depending what area you're in. 'Sate Lilit' is the one famous in Bali, and the 'Sate Kulit' (marinated chicken skin), in Sumatra, looks interesting too!

Have fun!

dennis said...

come back with lots of photos plz

jersy said...

In bali-UBUD, there is this small restaurant that makes the most amazing spit-fire-roasted pig. The skin is so crispy and the meat is juicy and tender. It comes with rice and many other sides that are tastey as well.
The name of the place is called IBU OKA. Unfortunately, i do not have the address as my tour guide took me. It is very well known among locals, so i'm sure if you ask, they will direct you. it's so good, you don't want to miss it!!!

E said...

What a cool blog!!! I'm visiting Taipei this weekend and can't wait to try some of your recommendations :D Looks like Taipei has a lot more creative foods than in HK!! How do you stay fit??? :)

Passionate Eater said...

What a trip! I've heard the street food there is amazing!

joanh said...

hi everyone! thanks so much for all your suggestions. I ended up not being able to get online while I was there, but was so happy to see all the recommendations for my next trip! :)

Paul: cool! thanks so much. I wish we could have hit up the shore near the airport. and thanks for reading!

Keiko: we did all beach, no shopping. :( next time

Pat: didn't make it to Mosiac, but next time!

Anonymous: so many great suggestions. thanks

Tony Pace: Geneva Furniture. Thanks for the suggestions!

brw: ah! thanks for all the suggestionsl I wanted to try Warung Ibu Oka, but didn't get a chance.

ine: thanks! we stayed in the nusa dua area so ended up staying at the hotel or going where the group went

tt: thanks! we'll have to go together next time!

dennis: ok! i'll try and get all my pics up soon

jersey: boo hoo! I will HAVE to go there next time.

E: thanks! let me know what you end up trying out. have a fun trip! about staying fit-- SIGH! need to work out more but not enough time.. so not so fit. :P

passionate eater: the food was good!

Oridusartic said...

Aaa I'm late reading this one. I wanted to recommend Bebek Bengil Restaurant in Ubud actually.

here's the website

Haha.. but maybe you have tried it, because it's famous in Bali. =)


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