Thursday, March 19, 2009

snapshot/revisited: i strongly recommend boba and snacks at CHUN TSUI TANG

A9 Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Mall, B2
Xin Yi District

Snapshot: 1/12/2009
Previous review: 7/2006

Despite discovering other cheaper and equally delicious boba milk tea places like 50 Lan and Genki Q Milk, Chun Tsui Tang still is a nice place to have a Chinese-style afternoon tea with it's large array of hot and cold drinks and menu of small plates and noodles. Must try their fried radish cake (luo buo gao) and I like their spicy mushrooms. Get the minced meat noodle for something more substantial.


abstractpoet said...

I like those house special noodles with the minced meat, and I like their version of luo buo gao too. The drinks are good, but expensive! (DOUBLE the price to get a larger size??)

What I don't like: how the woman who takes your order always tries to convince you to "up-size" everything. Also how there are always so many people smoking here (unless they've changed their policy on that)! Seems like every time we went, no matter where we sat, we'd be surrounded by smokers on all sides.

tigerfish said...

Chun Tsui Tang. Did you try the braised dou gan (firm beancurd)? The spicy one...I love it!

KK said...

This is definitely one of if not the best taipoca milk tea in Taipei. After all these guys invented it in Taichung :-D

EatTravelEat said...

Ah, that glass of boba milk tea looks scrumptious with the light foam and bubbles on top. Haven't had boba in a while now!

joanh said...

abstractpoet: yes, their drinks are definitely expensive for taipei and "gourmet." if you sit on the inside, then you can avoid the smoke

tigerfish: the beancurd is so good too!

KK: i like the milk tea here, but the one at Genki Q Milk is my favorite!

eatTraveleat: i never drink boba in LA anymore!


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