Friday, August 20, 2010

not taipei/hong kong: egg tarts from WING FAT BAKERY/RESTAURANT

The next time I go to Hong Kong, I'll definitely make a point to swing by Wing Fat Bakery for their egg tarts. Best eaten warm so that the jelly-like custard and buttery, flaky crust make melty magic in your mouth, I bought a box to share and even devoured one for breakfast the next morning.

Thankfully I found a egg tart place that satisfied on my trip a few weeks ago- on my trip to Hong Kong last year, I found a random bakery when I got lost walking from my hotel to my lunch meeting, but was not able to find it again since.

If you're craving hot egg tarts in Taipei? I'd recommend going to Parents Restaurant and ordering it about 20 minutes before you want to devour them. Anyone else have any leads for delicious egg tarts in Taipei or Hong Kong?

117 Hennessy Road
Wan Chai, Hong Kong
2865 5987


Beef No Guy said...

If you like the puff pastry multi layered egg tarts, lots of tour guides recommend Honolulu Cafe's (chain shop of HK cafe), with one on Stanley Street in Central, and the flagship store in Wanchai Hennessey Road #176-178. Tai Cheong in Central is the most famous one (cookie dough crust) as it used to be the last British HK governor's favorite (Patterson). A local cable TV obnoxious food host recommends this seafood restaurant...somewhere in Kowloon but unfortunately the youtube video was removed. If I find it I'll post. I'm sure there are better ones around.

Dave Hodgkinson said...

Dare I say KFC? I had one from there that was better than I've had in Portugal! (Not as good as my Portuguese deli in London though ;)

Dave Hodgkinson said...

Oh wait. Hong Kong. Never mind. This was Taipei.

Kirbie said...

Yum. Egg tarts. I want some now.

brian said...

egg tarts! <3

EatTravelEat said...

In Hong Kong I've tried Tai Cheong Bakery (you can see a post on Tripadvisor I wrote through my blog)...slightly different looking compared to this place though. Macau, I've had Lord Stows which it puff pastry style, but far away in Taipa.

Agree about the egg tarts! Best eaten warm, fresh out of the oven. :)

Anonymous said...

Cantonese tarts are different from Portuguese ones is most places use milk instead of cream. Cream burn easy when baking leave a slight burned crust on tarts.

Cantonese do not like it on their pastries at all.


joanh said...

beef no guy: thanks for the recommendations!! i'll definitely be checking those out too next time.

dave: i like the KFC tarts for portuguese style...

kirbie: yum!

brian: :)

eatTraveleat: cool! i've had Lord Stows in Macau too!

anonymous: cool! thanks for sharing. the two are definitely different, and i do like both.


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