Thursday, April 14, 2011

italian: i recommend BUNNY LISTENS TO THE MUSIC

No. 15, Lane 6, Qingtian St
(02) 2395-9388

MRT: Guting


hours: 11:30 AM - 10 PM


Kid friendliness: no high chairs spotted, room for strollers

Visit reviewed: 3/23/2011

I had been hearing about Bunny Listens to the Music for awhile (maybe years), but with such an unusual name, I didn't know what to expect. So it wasn't until my friend wanted to have lunch there that prompted me to finally give it a try. And you know what? It's definitely worth a try with its stylish interior, creamy pastas and desserts and breads from its sister bakery, Boite de bijou.

The decor is roomy and warm, and filled with customers- reservations are definitely recommended for lunch, afternoon tea or dinner.

Lunchtime business sets change monthly and run from NT$360-500 and include a soup, main dish (pasta, risotto, seafood or chicken), dessert and coffee or tea. And nice crusty bread that we devoured with butter.

We must have asked for refills on the bread at least three times. I also like getting my drink lemon ice tea with my meal.

I got the tomato beef soup, but recommend getting the onion soup instead. The tomato beef soup was very peppery, while the onion soup was sweet with carmelized onions.

I liked all our main dishes, but my favorite was probably the risotto with crab meat and vegetables in pumpkin cream sauce (NT$420).

Al dente and creamy with lots of fat pieces of fresh crab meat and slightly sweet from the strong pumpkin flavor. I dislike it when a dish says it has crab in it and you can't find even one piece. This one had chunks in every other scoop.

The spaghetti with sauteed pork and garlic, chili peppers and olive oil (NT$400) had a nice light touch yet a kick from the chili peppers.

I was unsure about the tagliatelle with shrimp and scallops in tomato cream sauce (NT$400) because the cream sauce had a slightly sour flavor, but it grew on me.

The server recommended the roasted 1/2 chicken with devil sauce (NT$500) which we thought was going to be crazy spicy, but it was manageable. I probably wouldn't order it again since the pastas were more memorable.

When this plate of cookies came to our table, we had to double check and ask "is this our set dessert?" When the answer was yes, we asked if we could trade it for the real desserts. The good stuff!

So the dessert sampler tray came out for us to choose from. Which one to choose? So hard to pick! We ended up getting the poached pear and apple tart and Macallan (+NT$110).

After my first bite of this rich chocolate dessert, I gasped "Oh my god!" Not because of the amazing taste, but because of the strong alcohol flavor! Named after the single malt scotch whisky that is used in the dessert, the Macallan is definitely memorable. We laughed at my friend who sought out dessert, having had ordered it before and really loved it. I'm not a big drinker, so for me, the alcohol taste overpowered the sweetness of the chocolate.

Overall, good food in a good space- could be a really cute place for date night and get your date tipsy with dessert. And you can walk a few blocks away to check out Boite de bijou to take some more goodies home.


Memosne said...

I've been stalking your blog for a lonnnng time and I've always loved your recommendations. =) ^__^ This looks delish. How do you think it compares to solo pasta? <33

Keep eatin! =)

joanh said...

memosne: thanks for your comment and for reading! i like solo pasta better overall and i love the balsamic duck pasta.. though bunny has more interesting vibe and their set menus change

Samantha said...

I wouldn't know which to eat first. They all look so beautiful.


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