Friday, April 08, 2011

my kitchen: hello kitty sugar cookies

Ever since I bought the trio of pink Hello Kitty baking supplies, I've been experimenting and every cookie, cake, biscuit and even cornbread has been kitty-fied.

This past weekend, I made sugar cookies from a Pillsbury Funfetti Cookie Mix that my sister got for me. I liked how the dough stayed relatively firm compared to the recipes that I've tried in the past in which the dough seemed to become soft and sticky very quickly and not stay firm enough to peel off the cut shapes. It helped to flour the surface generously and work quickly.

This cookie cutter is actually meant for toast so it's quite large and makes a cookie bigger than my palm. The cutter is in two pieces, so it helps to push firmly on the outline and not so hard on the inside one (with eyes ears and bowtie) otherwise the bowtie and right ear are perforated from the rest of the head. I've also seen cookie cutters that have the whole Hello Kitty body and has legs that you can use to "prop" up the cookie and make the Hello Kitty stand.

I decorated the cookies before baking them with Wilton Pink, Red and Blue Sparkle Gels. I found out that the gels don't dry and stay in place the way typical cookie icing, or royal icing, does. I found out the hard way when I decorated cookies and everything smeared during the transport. But it was an accident that I decorated my christmas cookies a few years ago before baking them and found out the gel hardened like a candied texture so that I could bag up the cookies for giving away.

Want to see my other Hello Kitty creations?


Maricar said...

So pleasing to the eyes and definitely pleasing to taste. Love it!

Vivienne said...

very cute and i imagine that must be what they serve at the hello kitty cafe/restaurant? heh

btw, tried le gout as u suggested....was soo good...too many selections there so i picked a few including that triangular rose/lychee one!

also tried abu too (for lunch)...was good but not a huge fan tho (and didnt get to try the service was a bit blah and no wow factor with food..mb dinner is better!

went to Yen at the W hotel the other day...was actually quite good (coz of the deco/view too!) haha

Hilmar said...

Love those cookie cutters! This is my first time in your blog.
Love it!
Have a great weekend!

Pandalicious said...

OMG! how cute! i want.

Anonymous said...

i love hello kitty!! love ur blog, all the food looks amazing!! following u :P


Catherine said...

This looks absolutely fantastic! Thanks for sharing! I wonder where i can buy this here in our place.

joanh said...

maricar: thank you so much!

vivienne: haha, the hello kitty cafe stuff is more cakes and elaborate! i'm sorry you didn't have a good lunch at abu. i've heard their dinners are more worth it. maybe abu was at his other restaurant for lunch.. i've been hearing lots of good things about the W! will have to check it out soon! are you in taipei these days?

hilmar: thank you so much for visiting and commenting! loved your post about the Taipei Bakery show!

pandalicious: thanks!

TINGkabelle:thanks so much for reading and following!

catherine: you can try your luck at the hello kitty store or on ebay!


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