Wednesday, August 22, 2012

snapshot/pizza: i recommend VAPIANO's prosciutto arugula pizza

Arugula and prosciutto pizza with a view. 

at ATT4Fun
No. 12 SongShou Rd, 10F 台北市松壽路12號10樓
(02) 2722-7111 

MRT: Taipei City Hall

Tried to have lunch with friends at the Diner the other day, but it had a ridiculous 40 minute wait on a weekday. So we hopped up a little higher at ATT4Fun to Vapiano, which I've reviewed before.

Vapiano had Rucola (arugula) pizzas and Crudo (prosciutto) pizzas, but nothing with them together. So I ordered the Crudo pizza (NT$360) and added arugula (aka rocket) for an extra NT$30 with a lot of pointing at the menu. The fresh parmesan gives it an extra layer of flavor and I liked how they put one piece of prosciutto per slice so there was no skimping.

Make sure to not confuse (like I did before with the pasta) the pizza named Prosciutto for the prosciutto pizza since it actually only has regular ham. Confusing I know. But it's a decent price for the size and the window view of 101. We didn't have to wait to be seated for a table, but the self serve policy will have someone in your group making multiple trips back and forth to the table for forks, napkins, cups, plates, water and seasonings, since they are all located in different areas of the restaurant like scavenger hunt.

I've also found delish prosciutto pizzas at Fifteen (the crust is chewier, but the size is smaller for the price),  and I also adore the spinach pizza with arugula and ricotta from Woolloomoolloo XY.

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