Thursday, August 30, 2012


Who doesn't love receiving surprises? Especially when they come wrapped in ribbon and Hello Kitty?

I was surprised, but delighted to find that my friend hand carried a box of Hello Kitty Laduree macarons from Paris for me, back in May. How cute is this mint green box dotted with hand drawn macarons and matching colored mini Hello Kittys? 

Inside the box was a rainbow of the sweet, vibrantly colored confections- I took one picture and then began tasting. Decadence and joy and gluttony. My friend was bummed that some were a bit cracked during the transatlantic flight, but I assured him that they still tasted the same. 

Big thanks to my friend J for generously thinking of me and for my first bites of a Laduree macaron. Make a stop at the Laduree shop in NYC if you get a chance, as it is the first and only location in the states.

And props to this blogger who actually MADE Hello Kitty macarons, tiny ears and red bowtie and all, who I found when I was googling "Hello Kitty macarons." They were adorable and looked amazing with the right shape and eyes perfectly spaced apart! 

I Heart Baking gives a little photo tutorial for those with the patience and skill to make their own, as well as has lots of other Hello Kitty baking posts. Whoever could figure out how to make and sell these in Taipei would make a killing!


iceprinxess said...

The Hello Kitty macaron looks adorable! ^^

MY said...

The first time I saw a photo of a macaron was either on your blog or on your Facebook site. Then I started to notice it on eat shows and other food blogs. I thought at the time, what's so special about these little burger-like cakes? Must be all the coloring that is attracting eaters who like aesthetically pleasing food. The name stuck to my head because it was similar to "macaroon". Little did I know that when I took a bite into one of these cute pastries while I was visiting Taipei (can't remember the store name) that I fell in love with them. My attitude towards them changed forever...

joanh said...

iceprinxess: i know! i think so too! thanks for commenting!

MY: once you have one, you start noticing them everywhere right? i think in general, they have been more prevalent the past few years than before. i helped you discover them!

Camille said...

I want these! but they are so cute I might feel bad actually eating them, hahaha.