Monday, March 30, 2015

not taipei/rome: I strongly recommend BONCI PIZZARIUM

Via della Meloria 43
Rome, Italy 00136
+39 06 3974 5416


Missing the great pizza and food I had in Italy! Just got back from a wonderful 10 day trip to Italy- my very first time so I devoured the eye opening sights and the drool worthy food.  I hope to share some of my favorite eats for future trips over the next few weeks, from Rome to Florence to Tuscany to Venice. 

I definitely recommend anyone visiting Rome to check out Bonci Pizzarium (near the Vatican). Choose your slice(s), pay by weight and they will cut and reheat the pizza in the oven. So many different kinds of super supreme toppings including romanesco (this year's kale?), arugula + cheese + sundried tomato, prosciutto and tricolored cabbages. Even tried the suppli, which was a bite size, deep fried nugget of spaghetti. 

Be sure to grab a ticket with a number by the door- they will call and serve numbers in order.

Ahhh! So hard to choose! Luckily we had four people to share, so we could try both veggie and carnivore delights. Love the creativity and variety of the toppings which was much more than cheese and pepperoni, but not as manufactured as bbq chicken or takoyaki pizzas.

Once I figured out they cut quite large slices, I would ask for smaller slices so I could try more "flavors." It ended up being about €4 a slice, and about €20 for a table full of slices for four people. They would also cut each slice into smaller strips upon request after heating it, then it was served on a wooden board you could hold if you didn't manage to grab a table or a bench.

Suppli con spaghetti 2.50. They also had suppli for lasagne and risotto! 

New pizzas are constantly being baked and brought out-- I spotted completely different types of cured meats and veggie toppings including potato, broccoli, spinach when I left from when I first came.

The crusts were thick, but airy and crunchy. I even bought a couple slices and sandwiched together to eat on the plane for dinner! Very happy I managed to find it after a morning tour of the Vatican and it was one of my favorite meals of my trip to Italy!! 

Craving pizza by the slice in Taipei? You can try Piazza, Pizza Denise or Square Pizza al Taglio... which one is your favorite?

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All Graduates | Brochure Translation Service said...

Now, this is a great food find! That tray of delis and Italian food just makes my mouth water, I bet you will go crazy trying to find places that will give you the same, fantastic flavors. Bonci Pizzarium looks lovely, and the place looks so upscale and perfectly kept. Thanks for sharing your great food find!


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