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Sunday, March 01, 2015

news: winter 2014/15 restaurant round up

Where did February go? I was so good at putting up new posts in January and now it's March. March is going to be busy... because I'm going to Italy for the first time! It's been a trip that's been over a year in the making and I'm very excited to be able to eat my way through Rome, Florence, Tuscany and Venice. A bit nervous too, but fingers crossed it will be a good trip.

Taipei has been a busy city with lots of new restaurants opening up recently, and I've been lucky enough to eat at some of them. To name a few that you might have been seeing your friends post on FB or Instagram. I know I didn't catch them all, so please add to the list below!

Recent new restaurants in Taipei (which ones do you want to see posts about first??)
  • RAW
  • mume
  • Ryugin
  • Bing 
  • C'est La Vie
  • Izumi by Sumi
  • Popeye at Maji Square
  • Glam Air
  • Texas Roadhouse 
  • Honey Pig Korean BBQ
  • Kura Sushi
  • Oven Maru Korean Chicken
  • Pizza Denise
  • Monteur Cafe
  • Joseph Bistro
  • Fat Angelo's (at ATT4Fun at Belgian Beer Cafe's old spot)
  • Botega del Vin (moved)
  • All Day Roasting Company
  • A Roy Dee by Sukhothai
  • Rebel Burger
  • Danny's What's Grill/ What's Green
  • Tim Ho Wan
  • Bite 2 Eat at ATT4Fun
  • Little New York Pizza
  • Ice Monster #2 and food court at Breeze Song Gao
  • 4th floor cafes at ATT4Fun
  • Yuan Yuan at Grand Hotel (moving 3/1 to 1st floor from 2nd floor but with a totally new menu)
  • Mayan Grill and Mayan Xinyi
  • Tavern 
  • Bakery 49 (will miss their clam chowder and gumbo and chicken and waffles from the first few months when they opened with the original chef from SF. where did she go??)
  • DN Innovacion (moved to Shanghai)
  • LMNT Cafe
  • BANCHANN at ATT4Fun (I'll miss the korean fried chicken there!)
  • Sumi Sushi in Ximending (reopening as Izumi by Sumi)
  • Dressed
  • Cyclo RenAi (2nd location still open)
  • San Yuan at ATT4Fun (reopened as Dancing Chilis in Neihu)
  • Dearlicious
  • Agnes B Cafe at Xinyi Hankyu
  • Yuzu Japanese Kitchen
  • Lago 
  • Bread Societe on Xinyi and RenAi (does that mean the whole chain is shut down?)


Anonymous said...

Ryugin, how is it

William Shi said...

Tim Ho Wan and Bite 2 Eat, please! Been dying to eat espeacially Tim Ho Wan.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

"All Day Roasting Company?"

Sounds good!

Ann said...


Anonymous said...

We ate at Bing the other day from your instagram pics it was great! We wanna see's so hard to get a reservation there!

Unknown said...

I'd love to hear about RAW!

Anonymous said...

tim ho wan!!!!!!

Nicolette said...

Being from Texas, I'm curious to see your opinion on Texas Roadhouse!

Anonymous said...

p. sure i saw something about Fat Angelo's closing down. Good. The New Year's Eve event there was stunningly unprofessional.

joanh said...

anonymous- i think Fat Angelo's closed as well. That sucks to hear that your NYE wasn't stellar. I went once and it was ok. Food ok, prices ok, service ok, but not enough to go back I guess.

nicolette- it's always packed! I'll try to go one of these days!

anonymous- ok! i'll try to write up Tim Ho Wan! I'm going again next week!

claire- RAW is up!

anonymous- RAW is posted! I'm glad you liked Bing! You can try Burger Fix too!

vicky- i'll try to get mume up soon!! wanna do the review justice!

anonymous 1 and 2- ok!

william- ok! i'm going to refresh my memory next week w/ tim ho wan and i haven't been to bite 2 eat in years!! will do!

anonyous- i liked ryugin but i think it's still expensive for the price. i've heard from numerous people that HK Ryugin is still much better. i don't remember much from the meal except the dessert.. at that price point, the entire meal should be etched into memory, right?