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Friday, June 24, 2005

who's hungry too?

Anywhere in the world- you're going to be hungry. But what are you looking to eat? For me, living in Los Angeles grants me the luxury of eating anything I want almost anytime I want. I accumulated a lot of my favorites- local hotspots, mainstream places, hole in the walls and a variety of tastes- Indian, Japanese, Mexican, American, Italian, Chinese, Californian- you name it, you can probably find it in LA. So traveling back and forth over the Pacific- I miss my favorites- enchiladas, waffles, pastrami sandwiches, french fries, carnitas tacos, chinese chicken salad, spicy tuna rolls, chicken pesto sandwiches with arugula, CPK pizza, asian fusion.

So not that Taipei doesn't have awesome food- it does, but it's another new journey to find out where and trying it out. So this is my little journal of my journey of finding foods I love in Taipei. The basics- dumplings, mango shaved ice, beef noodle soup, boba ice tea- you can't go wrong with most places. But where to find in Taipei - good thin crust pizza? Mexican food? The perfect salad? Minestrone soup? Tandoori chicken? American breakfast? Hopefully- I'll find some new favorites and meet other hungry people in Taipei!

PS- if you are visiting LA, some of the things/places i miss eating when i'm not there, in no special order!
California Pizza Kitchen
Johnny's Pastrami
El Tarasco
Poquito Mas
California Chicken Cafe
Corner Bakery
Sawtelle Kitchen
California Roll Factory
New India Grill
Talay Thai


Jean said...

yay.. pictures will be good too... even though they will make me jealous.. i still want to see!

will said...

Have you guys tried that bathroom themed restaurant in taipei yet? I'm curious since I saw an article on it!

Anonymous said...

How can you NOT have Shinsengumi on this list?????

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I am hungry now!