Saturday, July 22, 2006


38/40, HanKou Rd, Sec 2
Hsi Men Ding
(02) 2375-2223

Hours: 11 am-10:30 pm


visit reviewed: 7/2/2006

I think the picture says it all. Creamed corn shaved ice. It is supposedly THE topping to get at this Hsi-Men Ding shaved ice shop. I knew that people in Taiwan LOVE corn, but this was a first for me. I was speechless. The friend who had taken us there proclaimed that he didn't get it at first either, but after he tried it, he was hooked. He insisted that I have a bite. Against my better judgement, I had a bite and... I still did not get it. It tasted like canned creamed corn, cold, on top of shaved ice, with some evaporated milk on top. UGH! *shiver shiver*

Unfortunately, the topping I got, red bean with mochi balls and evaporated milk was not that satisfying either. I think it was because they dumped the milk on top of the toppings instead of on top of the ice, which I prefer. It was too dense and mushy for me to be satisfying. And it wasn't cheap, as shaved ice goes. It ran about NT$50-80 a dish, since they add charges for additional toppings and milk. I actually prefer the more basic shaved ice in the shaved ice alley in Hsi Ming Ding.

Sorry I don't know the street other than it's off of Hsi Men Ding. I tried googling it to try and find more info, but all I found was that they also put creamed corn on top of shaved ice in Malaysia and Singapore. I suppose if you really want to try it, you can ask around that area for "Yang Ji Bing," as "bing" is chinese for ice.

The shop was very busy even with a lot of seating, and there is usually a short line. The signage says they have been around over 40 years, so local neighbors should be able to point you in the right direction. Everything is chinese, but you can point at the toppings. I would recommend it if the toppings pique your curiousity, otherwise, I would stick your favorite shaved ice locale.


Anonymous said...'ve been busy, Hungry Girl! Good job! A good peking duck place is always important when you crave that crispy skin. This latest post, looks really good too. It has been super hot in the Bay Area lately and this would be a unique alternative to plain ice cream.

Thanks for the posts!

Urban Epicurean said...

that's pretty funny, taiwanese people do love corn hahaha! my mom use to make a corn soup and the best way i can describe it is to call it a cream-of-corn-egg-drop-soup. it was one of my favorites to come out of her kitchen.

joanh said...

hi catherine! thanks for the comments! yes, i love corn too.. especially creamed corn soup. but it DOES NOT belong on shaved ice with condensed milk on top. ugh! *shudder again.

tt- we need to find a good peking duck place in SF!

Anonymous said...

My dad brought me to this place! He says he went there with my mom on a couple of that was almost 25 years ago.