Thursday, March 15, 2007

CLOSED! indian/food court: i don't recommend CURRY AND TEA HOUSE

at 101 Mall foodcourt
(near JASONs Supermarket)
45 ShihFu Rd., B1


Visit reviewed: 12/26/2006

After passing by this mall court spot a number of times, I finally got the chance to try it out. It looks appealing with good portions, but too bad the taste of the meal didn't live up to its promising appearance. You can choose a curry set menu with chicken (NT$120), beef (NT$160), mutton (NT$150), and your set menu comes with rice and a small salad. I added a naan (NT$35) to try it out.

The chicken curry (NT$120) was extremely watered down yet oily- I didn't even want to dip the naan into the curry. The rice had no flavor and naan was more a tortilla than naan. I didn't bother finishing the meal or packing it to go. I kind of picked out the chicken to eat with a few bites of rice. For Indian mall food, you're better off trying Tandoor at the Far Eastern Mall since they offer you two different curries in their set menu (which is still a bit watery but at least it has good flavors) and their naan is actually naan, or just going to a sit down restaurant.

But now everytime I pass by Curry and Tea House, I don't have to be tempted anymore.


Chubbypanda said...

Awww... Ewww. That curry looks really revolting. Way too much oil.

Anonymous said...

It's gone now! I looked at it more than a dozen times, but I didn't fancy it... There are much better choices elsewhere.