Wednesday, August 13, 2008

japanese/buffet: i recommend SHIN YEH JAPANESE BUFFET

Fnac Future Center Building, 6 FL
12 Kuanchian Rd.
(02) 2371-3311

hours: 11:30am to 11:30pm
230-430 $460

$$ (about NT$540 for lunch; NT$690 for dinner when I went)

Visit reviewed: 5/2007

A lot of variety and even some fresh made to order options in this Japanese buffet by uber popular Taiwanese eatery Shin Yeh. Suitable for large groups, families, or even a party of one, if you like Japanese food, you should be able to find a lot of things to satisfy your stomach.

Granted, it has been over a year since I've eaten here, but I still remember sitting at the extra long table with my grandma, cousins and relatives, each taking our turn at wandering around the hot and cold food sections. Isn't that what most of our memories are about? Not necessarily what we ate and how it tasted (unless it's an amazing meal), but who we were with and how we enjoyed spending time with each other.

My favorite part of the buffet was probably getting the made-to-order handrolls and getting an extra spoonful of bright orange masago (raw fish eggs) in my handrolls when I asked.

If you've never had masago/tobiko, the bright orange miniscule eggs are like the Pop-Rocks of sushi. As kids, we would squeeze the saltiness out of each egg or smush them between our fingers. There's a sort of crunchiness and taste of the ocean that you get when you eat it, without it being TOO salty like the larger ikura. YUM!

It's definitely a step up from Todai, (those in California and the states might be very familiar with), a popular all-you-can-eat Japanese buffet with everything from piles of seafood and rows of sushi to Americanized chicken teriyaki and stir fried noodles because it offers more authenticity and freshness at a better price.

There's a lot of options to satisfy even if you don't want to eat sashimi.

But if you like sashimi, load up your plate and grab the wasabi. Even better than having it sit out all night, you have to request (or point) to what you want, and the sushi chef will slice it up for you.

You can even grab a teapot of mushroom soup, which offers a light broth.

Of course, one of the best things about buffets is getting to sample more than one dessert. I love creme brulee with its crackable hard layer.

This of course is just a random sampling of all that was there... I was too busy eating to take a picture of everything! Writing up this post makes me want to visit there again soon. If I do, I'll let you know if it's changed or the locations are different.

Other locations:

No. 52, Chungshan North Road
(02) 2542-5858

Shin Kong Mitsukoshi, A11
5 Songshou Road, 11 FL
(02) 8780-1366

Taoyuan shop:
No. 61, Chungcheng Road, 11 Floor
(03) 331-5511


Anonymous said...

One thing about buffets allow yourself enough time to dine. I went to one Todai in the state and I did not know closing in 2 hours hostess should not let us in. I am slow eater by time done with salads try to get other food but gone! They said workers time to eat. So none for customers. This a lesson I learn go early have enough time to enjoy buffet is to dine slowly.

Sera said...

omg sashimi is a favorite of mine
this looks so good. i really shouldn't be looking at ur website at this hour.

Anonymous said...

There is way of dining in a buffet restaurant. That not to load your plate full of food. Just a little of many things you like to try first. I learn now to go for second round if it something I like. I try not to drink water or tea so much due to it fill you up so can't eat much also. Save at the end of meal to enjoy desserts.

Roger said...

Ah I've been here! My grandparents love this place so we go often.

Glad to see a food blog from my homeland. Or shall I say home island?

joanh said...

anonymous: yeah.. that happened to me for afternoon tea, they will sometimes warn you. or at least they should give you a last call.

sera: i always seem to browse food blogs at inopportune times too!

anonymous: hahah.. i hear you on the sampling.. i usually do end up drinking a lot of water though

roger: cool! hope to hear from you again.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I came back from a buffet dinner. After reading comments from readers, I try not to drink any drinks or tea till time for desserts. It does work able to enjoy more different type of food not being so full.

When are you to write about Mongolian Bar B Q?


Anonymous said...

Earlier around January 08, we went to Shin Yeh Buffet across from Mitsukoshi Taipei and it was the least impressive between Wasabi at 101 and Jogoya ( Jogoya was the absolute best and biggest. I wrote a Yelp review about it here with pics.

Spoink said...

Hi Joan, I'm a longtime reader of yours. Thank you for all of your detailed reviews. I visited the Mitsubishi branch of Shin Yeh's Japanese buffet offering for dinner - it was epic, to say the least.

I'm curious about whether their lunch offering (which I've noticed is significantly cheaper on weekdays) is more or less the same as the dinner offering?


joanh said...

@spoink- hi!! Thanks for reading!! I like the buffet at Mitsukoshi too. I believe that the dinner selection will have more seafood and selection than lunch (as it does for other buffets) but I've only been to Mitsukoshi for lunch.. You can call them and ask what specifically is different..

joanh said...

Jason- I was just thinking about Mongolian BBQ!! Maybe soon.