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Thursday, September 22, 2011

August/September restaurant roundup

-Neo 19 has a bunch of new additions- including Easy House Vegetarian, all you can eat Mala hotpot and Dazzling Champagne dining and bar, in addition to the ground level Just In Bistro
-Been hearing about a California Pizza Kitchen that will be opening up at the Xinyi Vieshow food court area!
-Formerly Patara/Grand Patio is now Bangkok Jam
-Yue Yuan Pho or Savoy (which their new self-titled English restaurant name, as spotted on their new business cards) has a new location near Lane 216 off of ZhongXiao E. Road
-Wendel's German Bakery and Bistro is opening another location in Neihu.
-At Xinyi Eslite, a new fried chicken place where Double Rainbow Ice Cream used to be and no more Planet Popcorn
-At A8 Mitsukoshi, a new Waffle Waffle, Minder Vegetarian and almond tofu place

I'm finally back this week after traveling and taking a little summer vacation. Hope to have some new posts to you guys soon!

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