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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

kicking off 2012

Happy new year!

Thanks to everyone who voted for me in the 2011 Taiwan Best Blog Awards. I won in the Travel category! I love that people who love food as much as I do get to discover along with me all the amazing eats that Taipei has to offer and it's always nice to know that you are appreciated.

To be honest, it gets harder and harder for me to write the blog as the years pass. I overanalyze what I'm writing, I try to include as much accurate information as possible, I want my pictures to look drool-worthy, and I eat faster than I can think of new ways to say "delicious" and end up with an overwhelming backlog of photos to transform into posts. So this year, I'd like to be more productive, not be so self conscious and just write like I'm writing for myself. And to get the 2012 Best of Taipei results done before March. Haha.

Wishing everyone a healthy and happy new year and lots of memorable meals with friends and family.


Anonymous said...

Love the pictures and the blog!!! Keep writing so we can keep reading!!!

Missus Cee said...

hi. how can we go from taipei to pingxi for the lantern festival? i just thought you would have an idea.


mrs cee,

joanh said...

I googled it and it looks like you can take a train from taipei main station to Rueifang and then to Pingxi... and there might be a bus you can take from Muzha... might be worth it to go to Taipei Main Station and look at the schedules..

Taufulou said...

wow..congrats to you,

keep up the good work as your site is one of my favourite site to visit..miss taiwan alot~

Cheers and Happy Chinese New Year

crystal.travel6 said...
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