Thursday, September 27, 2012

snapshot/taiwanese: i still strongly recommend TAI YI MILK KING

It's not summer in Taipei unless you're eating shaved ice. Okay, so it's not really summer anymore- since it's nearing October, the weather has been shifting to a nice cooler temperature and Christmas decorations have hit Costco already- but a bowl of shaved ice lets us pretend just a little longer.

Whatever you top your shaved ice with- mangos, pudding, peanuts or corn- make sure there's plenty of condensed milk blanketing the ice.

My favorite at Tai Yi Milk King is still the freshly made chewy xiao tang yuan, and pairing it strawberries is an off the menu combo. For more details, check out the first review I wrote up in June 2007.

I'm slowly catching up on posts, and Instagram helps capture a lot of moments and insta-thoughts that I often am slow to blog about. I lost my phone a few weeks ago which SUCKS and lost a few weeks of photos, but the lesson of the story is to remember to BACK UP your data (iphone, computer, ipad).

No. 82, XinSheng S. Road, Section 3
(across the street from the main entrance of National Taiwan University aka Taida)
(02) 2362-3712

MRT: Gongguan

hours: 10:30 AM - midnight daily

devoured on: 9/16/2012


Anonymous said...

I would like to visit now that I live in Taipei. :D

Anonymous said...

hi joan! i saw your comment on my blog and i actually e-mailed you back - hope you got the e-mail!

tai-yi... still my favorite :)

joanh said...

myneonsighlullaby- you totally should! it's awesome

hellobeebs!- hi! i didn't get your email.. can you resend it?? hopefully to the right email address??

Anonymous said...

i resent the e-mail to hungryintaipei@gmail.... hope it works! long story short.... i randomly found out we have mutual friends! small world!