Sunday, May 12, 2013

not taipei: BEIJING- where to eat?

I'm going to Beijing next week for the first time since 2008!

Where to go? What to eat? I'm meeting up with a good friend from LA and we'll be playing tourist. I've already got Da Dong Roast Duck reservations, but where should I go for dumplings, ja jiang mian and local eats?


Yanyan said...

Somewhere Fun to eat is Hangeng's resturant that his mom and aunt opened it is well known for its can prob find the address online... but something that is a must get there is there "dong fen"

Christina said...

Gou Bu Li (multiple locations around Beijing) is very well known for their baozi, and if you're hankering for some amazing sushi, Hatsune at Sanlitun is the place to go! Sanlitun in general is a great place for good eats. :)

Gujjar said...

Chowder breathes reassurance. It steams consolation. Megan

Unknown said...

If you're up for two duck meals then try Li Qun - It's not as good as Da Dong but the chef used to work at Quan Ju De - its located in a traditional courtyard house (Si He Yuan) so there's a little atmosphere to go with the meal

Gou Bu Li is overrated and better in Tianjing but still worth trying - The best dumplings in Beijing is, believe it or not, Ding Tai Feng - If you're going to try Gou Bu Li (I assume you'll do so at Qian Men), then you might as well try Du Yi Chu as well - They sell Shao Mai that is slightly different from HK's dim sum version but it comes highly recommended by the Emperor Qian Long - It's another one of those "time honored" brands you can cross off your list

Hatsune is pricey but worth trying - though I feel that its rolls are only slightly better than Sumi's - Everything else is better than average

Hotpot is nothing special but you should definitely try Hai Di Lao - I can't summarize the whole experience in a few sentences but to say that this is how all hotpot restaurants should be - their service is disturbingly warm and polite - also...make sure you get the noodles - you get an accompanying performance/dance

Definitely head to Gui Jie if you've finished a night of drinking/partying - Located in Dong Zhi Men and close to the clubs/bars of San Li Tun, you can get your hands dirty with some Ma La Crayfish or try one of the ubiquitous Ma La Hotpot joints - But make sure you don't miss out on good ole meat shticks!! The best ones are always found in hutongs but on Gui Jie, I always go to a place called Chuan Ba (串吧)

The trendy place now is obviously Nan Luo Gu Xiang - Avoid going during the weekends - its crowded as heck - You can make the walk from there to Hou Hai and stop along the many little watering holes and grab bites to eat along the way as well

For Dim Sum, do try to head to Yong He Gong's branch of Jin Ding Xuan (金鼎軒 - Golden Tripod) - The dim sum is nothing to write home about but its very grand and pretty cheap - you'll stuff yourself silly for around $20USD

There's a lot more to eat and if you specify a certain type of chinese cuisine (Hunan - Sichuan - Yunnan etc etc), I could give you a better of idea of where exactly to go

Enjoy your trip!!

PS - Can you tell me where in Taiwan I can get pizza base? I want to make my own pizzas!! Thanks!!

Anonymous said...

Beijing is so huge, even with a huge subway system, travel can take its toll on you, and take the fun out of eating out. What I mean, is that travelling at the other end of the city to just eat at a place is not really worth it, and that's coming from someone who loves eating out, but that's my take on it.

You should indicate places you'll visiting, so that people can better advise you with restaurants in the vicinities.

Anonymous said...

For the record (because it is too late for you), my suggestions for a week end in BJ.

For Beijing Duck, I would rather go to Xiangmanlou:

I suggest to eat at the Orchid:
The place is great for Yunnan food and it is in Gulou area (you can go after you have a drink at the Drum & Bell). For after diner in Nan Luo Gu Xiang area go to "the Bed".

Go to Guijie (Dongzhimen Nei) and it Kaoyu (god I miss that one). You find that NO WHERE ELSE :-) No places to recommend.

For crazy night see the sunrise on the terrace of Kokomo in Sanlitun after party all night then eat "Ma La Tang" for breakfast at 6am in a street stall in one of the back alleys of Sanlitun.

God I loved Beijing :-)


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