Thursday, November 27, 2014

where can you find... thanksgiving turkey in Taipei 2014?

photo by Pig and Pepper

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Even though no one gets the day/weekend off in Taipei for Thanksgiving, my stomach still starts to crave a little turkey with candied yams this time of year. There's nothing like a plate of a pile of homemade sides with juicy turkey, but the next best thing is a hot plate with no need to clean up in the kitchen.

This year I made salted caramel apple pie pops for the first time! It wasn't as difficult or as time consuming as I thought it would be, of course since I used some short cuts like boxed pie crust and a pink pie pop machine I picked up last summer back in LA when it was on sale. Warming myself up to making a whole apple pie.

Here's a few places to call up if you decide you want to have some turkey today in Taipei. If you have a restaurant or know of one that's also doing Thanksgiving, please include it below and I'll include it on my next list!

PIG AND PEPPER (02) 2708-7899

WHALENS (02) 2739-3037味鄰/320813964677441

SHAFFER's KITCHEN (02) 8789-4088

BABA KEVIN's BBQ 0800-887-427

DAN RYAN's (02) 8780-9393

CARNEGIE's (02) 2325-4433

ON TAP (02) 2741-5365

ED's DINER (02) 8502-6969

GRANDMA NITTI's KITCHEN (02) 2369-9751



The last few years I've been ordering whole turkey to carve at home and make my favorite sides like candied yams and cornbread. If you want to order a cooked whole turkey or ham for Christmas, please check out my round up from a few years ago.

And even if you don't have turkey this year, take a moment in our crazy lives to think about who and what we are grateful for and share a meal with your loved ones.


Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for this list!!! Happy thanksgiving!!!

Anonymous said...

Was waiting for this year's list, hehe. Thanks!

Jon Lin's Food Adventures said...

There's also Bald Fatty Bistro

joanh said...

You're welcome!

joanh said...

You're welcome! Where will you go?

Unknown said...

Thanks for the mention! Happy Turkey Day!

joanh said...

Happy turkey day!!