Friday, December 04, 2015

dessert/froyo: LLAO LLAO

at XinYi Vieshow
No. 20 SongShou Road

MRT: Taipei 101

Kid friendliness: Yes kids will love to choose their own sugary toppings

Visit reviewed: 

Newly opened Llao Llao frozen yogurt at Xinyi Vieshow sits across from the newly opened Jamba Juice giving us more options for icy snacks during this very cold Taipei winter. Can Llao Llao succeed where other froyo shops in Taipei have not? 

It all looks familiar- the Pinkberry-esque glossy white and green signage, an array of fruit, candy, berries and nut toppings to choose from, as well as fruit and chocolate sauces too. But the taste of the frozen yogurt here tastes quite different than the tarter Pinkberry/Yogurtland flavor that I'm used to- maybe more milky and sweet and less tart? Can't put my finger on exactly what it is.

Because of the grand opening they are handing out bitesized samples as well as coupons with trivia questions on them to win a free topping. Multiple choice questions like how do you pronounce the companies name, Llao Llao, to help initiate customers into familiarity to the Spanish froyo chain. (The answer by the way is that it's pronounced Yao Yao with the double Ll making a Y sound)

Available are mini (NT$69), small (NT$89 +one topping), medium (NT$119 +3 toppings), large (NT$139 +3toppings) and sanum, which has fruit and topping options buried in the center kind of like McDonald's berry parfait, as well as smoothies. I had a free coupon thanks to my friend P so I decided to give it a try with some friends.

Toppings include oreo cookies, white chocolates, muesli, candied pecans, chocolate smarties, dried cranberries and chocolate covered peanuts. 

I was happy to see strawberries and blueberries included in the fruit toppings. There were also cantaloupe, kiwi, grapes, watermelon, pineapple and (ewwww) tomatoes?!!! Hopefully the berries don't disappear after a few months as I've seen that happen at other froyo places here. 

The sanum (NT$139) is the largest of the options with three fruits, two toppings and one sauce. I probably wouldn't order it again, (I'd get a small instead) but it was the only option for my free coupon. I tend to stick to berries for frozen yogurt- so it was blueberries and strawberries for us. I only had a couple bites, but my friends enjoyed it a lot. For those of us used to the tart version of frozen yogurt might have a harder time getting used to the different flavor of Llao Llao. But maybe that is preferable to locals who like their desserts sweet instead of sour. If frozen yogurt and smoothies aren't your thing, you can run across Vieshow to Krispy Kreme and Ireland Potatoes for donuts and french fries. 


keauxgeigh said...

Very cold Taipei winter? We just had the warmest November ever on record and I swear I even heard an air conditioner on in the alley out my window somewhere. Or maybe it was metaphor, not temperature. If that, I hope things pick up. Keep eating and may it warm your heart (lol). I haven't been able to eat lately (no appetite), but I'm hoping to cure it by scrounging regularly for just a "bowl of something good" in the alleys south of Taipei Main Station. I just get the feeling if I can only eat one thing a day, that's where I should be looking.

Unknown said...

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Anonymous said...

Could you please recommend any restaurants in Taipei with Michelin stars? I will greatly appreciate it.

joanh said...

Hi Jocelyn.. The only restaurants in Taiwan with Michrlin stars are Din Tai Fung and Tim Ho Wan.. There are Michrlin starred Chefs who have opened restaurants here, but the Taipei branches don't have stars (yet), like L'atelier Robuchon, STAY, La Festa (which was not as good the last time I went).. And some up and coming chef driven restaurants like RAW, Mume, Savor and Roots Creative (but I haven't been to Roots yet)