Monday, January 04, 2016

dessert/japanese: I recommend TSUJIRI

No. 11 SongShan Road 2F
(02) 2747-6338

MRT: SongShan

$ (about NT$150) 

Kid friendliness: yes

Visit reviewed: 1/3/2016

Happy new year!

Tried Tsujiri's matcha shaved ice for the first time yesterday. The cup of shaved ice has chunky ice soaked in sweet matcha syrup, a bit of condensed milk atop and a layer of sweet Azuki red beans in the middle and two chewy mochi balls. There's a larger version that serves 4-6 people for NT$250, or you can choose to have it topped with matcha or vanilla soft serve. You can see the similarities to Hawaiian shaved ice when you eat Japanese style ice-- less cluttered with toppings, and all about the flavors and intensity of colors of the syrup soaked ice. Their shop at Songshan Citylink has a sit down area as well as savory foods like green tea soba that I didn't spot at their smaller shops at Hankyu mall and Breeze Xinyi. Tsujiri has apparently been around since 1860 in Japan and they have three shops in Japan vs the four that are in Taipei!

Couldn't think of any other places with Japanese style kakigori shaved ice in Taipei-- any recommendations?


Hankyu Mall
No. 8 ZhongXiao E. Road Sec. 5 B2
(02) 2723-8458

Breeze Xinyi
No. 68 ZhongXiao E. Road Sec. 5
(02) 2722-6786

Sogo (on ZhongXiao)
No. 45 Zhongxiao E. Road Sec 4 B1

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KIM said...

omg omg omg omg thank you for this recommendation !! I love mochi and I love love love shaved ice !! Must try !!