Wednesday, May 04, 2016

dessert/american: STAR WARS CUPCAKES from the CUPCAKE SHOP

May the fourth be with you! 

Always love the cupcakes from the Cupcake Shop.. They are my go-to shop for cupcakes, but since they don't have a store, it takes a little planning (three day notice and coordinating pick up). My favorite flavors are red velvet and carrot cake, but all the flavors are moist and right enough of sweetness since they are made to order. What amazes me are their designs- these Star Wars ones are perfect for Maythefourth! All frosting, no nasty tasting fondant!

Since Les Bebes is gone, other top cupcakes in Taipei options include 

-Twelve Cupcakes (maybe third best cupcakes in Taipei? They have some simple but cute designs and lots of flavors to choose from)
-Felicitas Patisserie (newcomer shop frosts lovely bouquets of flowers and roses atop cakes and cupcakes. Will have to check them out soon) 
-Cloudy Cupcakes (they have Hello Kitty cupcakes, but their cupcakes are smaller and dense)
-Ginjer Cupcakes (I heard they closed their storefront but can order online)
-Black as Chocolate (kind of overpriced for me, but they have a Disney license to do Mickey and Pixar decorated cupcakes)
-We Love Cookies (haven't had their cupcakes in a long time too, but they have some good flavors, and delicious cookies although they kept their cupcakes a tad too cold for me)
-VVG Bon Bon (pretty but sometimes dry. Also more petite than American sizes) 
-Cupetit (haven't tried it yet.. Maybe I should do a cupcake taste off soon!)

Who else am I missing? 

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