Monday, June 12, 2017

dessert/coffee: i strongly recommend COFFEE DPT

@Huashan 1914 
No. 1 BaDe Road, 7B
八德路一段1號 中七B館
(02) 2341-6520

hours: 12PM- 8PM

MRT: ZhongXiao/ XinSheng

visit reviewed: 4/25/2017

[TAIPEI] Anyone who has lived in Taiwan for awhile knows that finding a good chocolate chip cookie here is actually not easy. Most tastebuds here like crispy not chewy cookies, and they are thin wafers or crunchy. 

This is not. 

This is a massive, cheat day worthy soft baked cookie rivaling what I had from @levainbakery in NYC. Completed the guilty pleasure with farm fresh milky vanilla and valrhona swirled soft serve. 

To find this tiny shop, you first have to head towards the middle of Huashan, near the parking lot. I spotted a DPT in the distance and entered the store. 

It was filled with clothes and no cookies in sight. I stepped back out and around the corner, I finally saw the small shop, basically a window to order and a few tables and seats, also outdoors. 

The menu is very simple, and perfect for an afternoon snack after browsing an exhibition at Huashan, or shopping for gadgets at Syntrend across the street. There's espresso, americana, latte, cappuccino, cold brew coffee or tea for drinks, and there's cookie, sandwich, ice cream for food. 

I cannot tell you how long I have been waiting for a cookie like THIS in Taipei.  🍪❤️️🍪😍 The dairy fresh soft serve and cold brew coffee also really good. And I usually dislike black coffee.  Thank you @coffeedpt and @tiffleezzz for the treats and for baking up these cookies in Taipei. I enjoyed every bite!

Yes, at NT$120 it might be one of the most expensive cookies you've ever tried. But it should be also one of the biggest. And in Taipei, a good chocolate chip cookie is a rarity. So it's a small fortune to pay if the craving hits. Out of all the past cookie shops I've tried over the years in Taipei (Anyone remember i-baked or We Love Cookies), this is one of the most satisfying with the chewy, soft baked center and plenty of chocolate chips.

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