Monday, April 30, 2007

japanese/mall food: i strongly recommend ROMANKAN YOKOHAMA KATSU SANDWICHES

Romankan Yokohama
Breeze Center, Food Court, B1
39, Fu Hsing South Rd, Sec. 2
(02) 6600-8888

Hours: 11am-9:30pm Sun-Thur; 11am-10pm Fri-Sat


Visit reviewed: 4/26/2007


Granted, I am not a katsu sandwich expert, but days after eating the katsu sandwich from Romakan Yokohama (NT$75), I can't stop thinking about eating another one. The perfectly toasted bread folded in half over a fried katsu is dressed with sweet and salty sauce, completed with pungent sliced onions, lettuce and tomato. The sauce totally makes the sandwich addicting. They have chicken and pork, and maybe some others. Not entirely sure, since their menu is only in Japanese and Chinese along with little displays of similar looking sandwiches.

They could work on the line process, but it doesn't seem to hamper their business. People scattered waiting for their sandwiches in front of the cashier, you don't know if the rope is for the front or the back of the queue. Just go Taiwanese style and tell the cashier what you want, if you don't see a Mr. Donut size line.

This lunch, I waited for about 10 minutes after ordering, about five minutes trying to order. The cashier writes my "number" on a bag, takes my money and tells us it will be about 10 minutes. I see a mysterious back room where people are assembly-lining my little half sandwich, which is only a snack today, otherwise, you would need to eat 2 to make a full sandwich and be really full.

I use the time to wander downstairs and get suckered by buying more stuff to eat at Maison Kayser and go back up to have my sandwich waiting for me. The katsu sandwich comes warm, cocooned in a little plastic bag which helps keeps your hands sauce-free in case you want to eat on the run. If you're going to wait in the line, just be sure to order one for the road so you don't have to wait twice.


Anonymous said...

so good! i got one on a whim the last time i was there and it was so delicious.

The Thirsty Pig said...

I miss those sandwiches. I could eat two!

Allan said...

This is closed now. Too bad, it was a definite regular for me.


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