Wednesday, April 25, 2007


7, XinSheng N Rd, Sec 3
(02) 2587-3226

website: (Was down when I visited)

Hours: Sun-Thu 6 pm-2:30 am; Fri/Sat 6 pm-4 am


Have not yet visited

Interesting.... anybody been here?? Aside from the nurses outfits, I don't know what the appeal would be. The reviewer at Taipei Times seems to agree with me about the nurse fetish, and also notes that it's not really English friendly.

When I read what the owner said, I thought, Why not compete with... good food?

The review from said the food was good.

Another example of life in Taipei... hahah


from Reuter's

Taipei bar lets diners tipple from IV tubes
Mon Apr 23, 2007 11:51AM EDT

TAIPEI (Reuters Life!) - A Taipei restaurant-bar is letting visitors order "medicine" from a menu and dripping it into their glasses from a transparent ceiling-suspended vat, becoming the latest oddball themed restaurant in Taiwan's capital.

As many as 10 visitors can sit around each bed at the D.S. Music Restaurant, a hospital-themed eatery, and watch showgirls dance on weekend nights or chat up "nurses" whose rabbit-ears complement their starched white uniforms.

The 130-seat restaurant, which features crutches hung from the walls and a wheelchair parked in the lobby, is the only one with a hospital theme in Taiwan.

Other touches include a sign marked "emergency room" leading to the toilets.

"Food is hard to compete on with other restaurants, so the part we emphasise is service," says assistant manager Ou Chia-hao, brother of the 29-year-old owner.

"In Taipei, pressure on people is high, and they want a place near home where they can feel relaxed."

Ou's brother opened D.S. last year with T$5 million ($150,760) to express his enthusiasm for the care he got at a hospital when he was treated for a liver disorder.

Two more D.S. branches are in the works, with plans to open by the end of next year, Ou said.

The spot is the latest in a string of strange-themed eateries in Taipei, as local entrepreneurs cater to people with a taste for the quirky and offbeat.

The Jail puts some of its restaurant tables behind bars, while another serves full-course meals in toilet bowls.

Years ago, a Taipei bistro tried a Holocaust theme, but eventually removed items and photos reminiscent of Nazi Germany brutality under pressure from Jewish groups.


fashionfoodculture-life said...

wow . .i uh, don't even know what to say about that. nurses uniforms, prison decor, food in toilet bowls? umm . . yumm? people do have strange taste. I give that place a year before they're out of business.

WesJ said...

There's more of a first-person review here:


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