Wednesday, November 14, 2007

chinese: i recommend green onion pancake from RANDOM STREET VENDOR

near Dun Hua Eslite
Dun Hua S Road/ Ren Ai Road

hours: spotted in late afternoon/evening


Visit reviewed: 10/26/2007

Mmmm. Scallion pancake or tsong yo bing . A perfect snack to go. This particular vendor's green onion pancake was flat and crispy and hot! I don't like it too doughy so this was perfect. It was so hot that you had to play hot potato with it before taking a bite. For NT$30, I got a half order which was 5-6 pieces and actually enough to share as a snack because the pieces were huge.

There is sauce on the cart that you can add, but he suggested eating the original flavor. You can also add egg for more NT, but I like it without egg.

you gotta love Taiwan English

I think I also spotted a dumpling vendor across from him, but the smell of freshly fried pancake totally got me. Located near the alley of the office building to the right of the 24 hour Dun Hua S Road Eslite.

PS.. still researching this Thanksgiving in Taipei thing and hopefully over a nasty cold.. not an easy task! Something LETHAL is going around town. But some interesting contenders that I'm researching... all seem to range in the NT$2000-$4000 range, and not having eaten at most of these places, don't know what their guidelines are for home cooking tastes!

Post Home
Jake's Country Cafe
Grandma Nitti's
Grand Regent Hotel
Jason's at 101
Dan Ryan's
Dean and Deluca (at Breeze)


Anonymous said...

It's been a while since I last ate a good scallion pancake.

fashionfoodculture-life said...

oh i miss random street food so much!! especially good scallion pancake.

Emily said...

Awesome! I've been meaning to find someplace where I can get a good scallion pancake - there used to be a good vendor near us, but they moved. =(

joanh said...

ilovepearly: yeah, it's surprisingly hard to find good ones!

ffc: hi!! i know.. something i definitely miss in the states

emily: let me know what you think if you try it out. :)

Anonymous said...

fyi, the dumpling guy next to the scallion pancake guy is really good too. the skin on the dumplings is perfect! :-)

joanh said...

anonymous: hahah. sounds good right about now! thanks for the tip!

raven said...

Cosmopolitan Grill's Thanksgiving Dinner costs NT$880 net, which includes relish tray, pumpkin soup,
roast turkey with mashed potatoes, gravy and cranberry sauce and homemade pumpkin pie.

Dan Ryan's NT$980 + 10% tax and drinks for salad, roasted turkey and candied yams/gravy and pumpkin pie.

The rest are pouring offers of overpriced meat and warm pumpkin pie... I daresay, why not just order a large turkey with stuffing from one of the Taipei hotels and buy yourself a pumpkin pie at Nittis and hold a thanksgiving home party? That would be a lot less stuffy (no pun intended) and most likely, you'd have a lot more fun.

But if you insist, I'd go for the tried and tested and aim for either 1) the American Club, or 2) Dan Ryan's. Pricey, but at least, you can't go wrong.

joanh said...

raven: thanks! it's the first i've heard of cosmo having turkey so i will include it in my wrap up!

Lilbakerly said...

I just found your blog as i was looking for good places to eat during my stay in taipei. i love your blog!! i also suggest a scallion pancake stand in gongguan, near NTU. Instead of the usual scallion pancake, this pancake is stuffed with scallions and pan fried. i think its called yi lan san xin cong bing. very delicious!


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