Wednesday, February 09, 2011

snapshot/snack: i strongly recommend macadamia nougats from HOTEL ROYAL TAIPEI

The combination of a little bit of writer's block, lots of relatives & holiday busy-ness, and a big (non-blog) project has made it hard lately to blog as often as last year, but I'm trying to get back to putting words to the screen (and getting the results of the 2010 Best of Taipei Readers' Favorites posted!).

Until then, here's a snapshot of some macadamia nougat candies that I received as a gift (Thanks P!) that I can't stop eating. They are dangerously addictive, chewy and sweet. The first day I received them I might have eaten three of them in one sitting. Ok, maybe more like five. Definitely won't help the new year resolutions.

If you've never had a nougat, it's sort of like a caramel or taffy but not as sticky. Think Baby Ruth without the chocolate. And this is the first time I've had them with macadamia nuts which totally compliments the creamy texture with the nutty bite. I usually never buy nougats because I've had some peanut candies that were too sticky or hard, but I'll have to resist buying more of these in the future because if they're in the house, I'll eat them!

Happy Chinese New Year everyone!

No. 37, ZhongShan N. Rd, Sec 2
(02) 2542-3266


Anonymous said...

牛軋糖! I bought almost NT$500 worth of different flavors at 迪化街 this New Year *u* I agree - they are addictive!!!

Stefan said...

Oh yeah those are great. And horrible. I wish I had some now. :-)

joanh said...

sparklewolfie: so addictive!!

stefan: haha! thanks for commenting!

OmNomzHero said...

omg these are so good! I found out about these after we left Taipei. Within a week of coming back from Taiwan the box was destroyed. I regret not buying more of these!


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