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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Happy Lantern Festival! taiwanese: I still strongly recommend TAI YI MILK KING

Who eats shaved ice during the winter time?

I do!

Especially when my sister is in town for a short visit and we gotta hit up all my favorite eats, which definitely includes Tai Yi Milk King. It's also great to go when it's wintertime because then you don't have to duke it out for a seat.

To warm up, get a bowl of tang yuan as well, which you can get with either hot red bean, rice wine or sweet peanut soup.

The sesame oozing out of the chewy tang yuan is a perfect bite, just in time for the Lantern Festival.

Or get some tang yuan to go to make at home and then join the crowds at SYS Memorial Hall to check out the Year of the Rabbit lanterns.

No. 82, Xin Sheng S. Road, Sec. 3
(across the street from the main entrance of Tai Da)
(02) 2362-3712

MRT: Gongguan

previous review: 5/2007


kirbie said...

I am totally for eating shaved ice even in the winter. Your pictures of the shaved ice and the sesame filled tang yuan are mouth watering.

Hsuan said...

Those photos look good enough to eat.

cassie min said...

YUMM.Love it! :)
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joanh said...

kirbie: so good! :)

valerie: thanks!

cassie min: thanks!

Anonymous said...

Yum - I eat shaved ice in the winter, too! I'm going to have to drag hubby Tai Yi when we go back next. Have you been to Class 302 in LA?

joanh said...

yourfablife: no, i haven't been to class 302! what and where is it? you definitely have to visit Tai Yi!

chanel said...

I love 汤圆!我是真的非常喜欢台湾的甜点。美国的电信太甜了,又不好吃。

Nancy said...

When I read your blog.....I get hungry!!!! Love shaved ic