Monday, August 08, 2011

dessert/taiwanese: KLEFUN CREPE

at Xinyi Vieshow, 2 FL
No. 20 Song Shou Rd

MRT: Taipei City Hall

hours: 11AM - 11PM


Kid friendliness: sure, why not.

Visit reviewed: 6/7/2011

If you've ever tried a crepe from a food court in Taipei, you might have been confused when you bit into a crispy paper-like texture rather than the softer, pancake kind, as I was since I was used to the latter from my crepes in the states (and Toronto!). 

Klefun Crepe at Xinyi Vieshow foodcourt is no exception to that rule.

I usually stick to the Whoppers at Burger King when I'm catching a movie, but my vegetarian friend wanted to try his luck with a vegetarian crepe. The shop's menu is only in Chinese, but there's an English plastic menu available if you ask. Most of the crepes are around NT$80, and there are also boba milk tea and other drinks available.

When I was watching the crepe maker roll out the batter with expertise, I thought it might not be so bad, until I saw the toppings. The salad vegetable crepe had three tiny strips of cheese, corn, pineapple and salad. Only in Taiwan. When I commented on how little cheese there was, she replied, you can add more for extra money.

The end result is kind of like a salad in a thin cone. Kind of a noisy snack food for a movie, but we were watching X-Men: First Class (which was really good by the way!), so we could sneak bites during the action scenes.

The dessert crepe is a bit better with a thin layer of chocolate spread all over the crepe though the banana slices fell mostly into the middle, though it definitely can't compare to the more classic crepe from Paul. I ran out of hands to take pictures and was running late to the movie, but it's hard to mess up bananas and chocolate, though note the chocolate is a generic type, not Hershey's or Nutella, and tastes like it.

One good thing about the traffic cone like structure is that it makes it quite portable and no fork is needed.


Kevin (BBQ Smoker Site) said...

These crepes with boba tea would make a great snack! Sure wish we had them available near us!

joanh said...

i'm sure you could find them at a food court near you, somewhere!


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