Monday, August 15, 2011

not taipei: HONG KONG

Notes for my next visit from the amazing meals our family friends hosted us at. I liked the ultra fresh lobster sashimi, plucked from the tanks moments before our meal, but even better are the pan fried pissing shrimps or mantis shrimps, which are like baby lobsters with juicy meat to dig out of its bug like shell. It's a dish that's hit the mark at almost every restaurant we've ordered it at.

Also, does this picture make you hungry or turn off your appetite?

For me,a  mixture of both, but carnivores that have had perfect crackling skin from a roast suckling pig at Fook Lam Moon will be thinking about it for weeks afterwards. Paired with a soft cushion of a steamed bun, I wanted more than my two piece portion of the thin squares. If the suckling pig isn't in your budget, then the crispy chicken has some delicious crunch going on too.

Advance reservations recommended at both.

35/45 Johnston Road

53 Hoi Pong Street
Sai Kung Seafront
Hong Kong


EatTravelEat said...

I was wondering where the sashimi was until I looked closer at the picture. It's so clear!

Did you get to eat the meat as well from the suckling pig or was it all skin?

Lauren said...

The suckling pig-- definitely appealing!!! Fook Lam Moon also has really good dim sum! Say hello to HK for me please.

Eleana said...

Just found your site through Danny at KungFoodPanda and I LOVE it ... next time I go to Taiwan, I will definitely utilize your posts!

Su-Lin said...

Ohhhh! I really do have to go to HK soon.... that suckling pig looks amazing!

(oh, and Taipei too!)

tomj said...

Really amazing!Eastern food is really very delicious and as I see look great!


joanh said...

eatTravelEat: yes, the lobster sashimi is clear and hard to see! yes, the meat from the suckling pig is quite tender too

lauren: so good! didn't get to try the dim sum. next time!!

eleana: Thanks!! hope to hear from you on posts you like

miller: haha, i know what you mean

su-lin: suckling pig is SO good

tomj: thanks for reading and commenting!