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Last year, I managed to only catch the end of the Taipei International Baking Show, I made sure to look for it when it rolled around this year. So once I spotted the discount voucher at one of the bakeries in February (NT$100 off a NT$200 admission fee), I rounded up a few friends who wanted to join and made my way to its new location at the Nangang Exhibition Hall.

This year it seemed like there were tons of student groups in uniform on field trips, filling the aisles and loitering near the Pizza Hut at lunchtime. But we were on a mission to work our way through over 700 booths in a few hours. First we were to skim through the industrial side which had heavy duty machinery of every kind and a few things to shop for, like cupcake wrappers and baking supplies. Then move onto the bakery side, which had lots of food, cakes, snacks, chocolates and sweets for sale.

It's a great peek into the trade show side for the restaurant/bakery business...

mixers for giants
donut makers

If you're willing to wade through the crowds to wander around each aisle, you might spot something you want to take home like maple syrup or cake decorating supplies. 

cupcake liners
hello kitty tea

There were quite a few areas that would tempt the home baker- especially if you are looking for pastel colored silicone cupcake trays or Wilton candy molds or frosting gear.

Samples are available if you're willing to wait...

fresh pasta demo

Even shaved ice machines and shaved ice.

After I stocked up on cupcake liners and mini muffin liners, we ran to the food side, which I miss out on last year. From traditional Taiwanese snacks like nougat candies and pineapple cakes to trendy chocolate iPhones and Jeremy Lin cakes, there was much to drool over and see. 

Taiwanese nougat candies

"cow tongue" crackers

chocolate iphones

Freshly popped rice crackers came in original, shrimp and wasabi flavors.

Skipped past the few familiar names like Florida Bakery, Gino Pasco and Lady MaCa...

every inch must be covered with butter!

 as well as discovered some new shops like Devil Dessert.

While I wasn't surprised to see so many breads, chocolates and sweets on display and for sale, I noticed a lot of pineapple cakes and traditional snacks available too.


colorful Catamona tea display


There was even photography lighting kits available that folded flat into a zip up case. Tempting!

One big part of the Taipei International Baking Show each year is the competitions that it holds. This year's City Bread Championship's chefs were hard at work to impress the serious looking judges at the tables.

And wedding cakes and impossibly tall sugar sculptures on display to admire.

So whether you're thinking about starting your own little cafe or just have a heavy duty sweet tooth, mark your calendar for March next year for the 2013 Taipei International Baking Show.


beth said...

do you have any idea which company was selling on the wilton stuff? i assume it was a wilton distributor...i wonder if they have a store in taipei or if you just have to contact them directly. or if they only sell their stuff at shows like this. if you have a contact name, that would be awesome. i bought some wilton stuff at the baking show a couple years ago and it was so much cheaper than places like city super.

Anonymous said...

Great entry ever. I love baking and cooking. Could have gone and brought lot things.


joanh said...

anonymous: thanks!! go next year!

beth: hi! I know they have a store, but I don't have the information.. I know they also have Wilton decorating classes, so I'm not sure if they are the same company. I found this off the Wilton website and google. hope it helps!

TEL: (02)2909-7350

35500033 TAIPEI SUGAR ART 糖藝術工房 (台北) 02-2562-5001
35500035 MARIAN'S SUGARCRAFT GARDEN 瑪莉安的糖花園 (台北) 02-2365-5085
35500037 ANNE CAKE SHOP 安妮創意蛋糕 (台南) 06-335-5378
35500039 SUGAR ART TAICHUNG 糖藝菓子烘焙坊 (台中) 04-2406-0138
35500058 FU PIN WU FOODS CORPORATION 馥品屋食品 (樹林) 02-2686-2258
35500059 KANG SHYUAN STUDIO 康軒烘焙教室 (新竹) 03-525-9159
35500069 TAOYUAN SUGAR ART STUDIO 伊娃烘焙教室 (楊梅) 03-488-1680
35500071 SWEET SPARKLE 糖彩魔法屋 (新竹) 0937-132-545
35500079 QUAN GUO FOODS CO., LTD. 全國食材廣場 (桃園) 0985-192-913
35500123 MEI CHEN ART BAKERY 美甄藝術蛋糕 (三重) 02-2976-6884

35500132 FASHION CO. 飛訊企業公司 02-2883-0000

Sherrie said...


Do you know when is their next TAIPEI INTERNATIONAL BAKING SHOW" held? Where to get info about that? Is it a yearly event...interested in baking, hope to be able to attend the next one...


Anonymous said...

I was there too!

Had a great afternoon searching for all the booths with the free samples :)

Anonymous said...

Hi, do you have any website that sell the cake decorating tools in Taipei? thank you

Anonymous said...

Bake It Yourself sells the widest range of cake decorating tools, icing decorations, bakeware etc in Taipei! They have a huge retail store and classrooms. Most Wilton products can be found in their shop. The shop is between Main station and Zhong Shan station - very convenient! their website is also an ecommerce site.


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