Thursday, September 18, 2014

news: restaurant round up summer 2013 - 2014

Yup! There are cronuts in Taipei!
Eeek! I haven't done a restaurant round up in TWO years! I found one from earlier this year and one from last year sitting in my drafts folder. Oops! So I've combined the two lists and added some more to just mark it down while it's fresh in my memory. It's always hard to get e-v-e-r-y single restaurant, as the Taipei restaurant scene changes constantly, but here's just a few places that are new-ish and notable and some that have closed. This list is just from the top of my head, so please add in the comment section below if something opened or closed near you!

NEW and NOTABLE (that I haven't tried yet)
  • Coco and Bencotto at Mandarin Oriental
  • L'Air
  • Angelo's
  • Very Thai Noodles
  • Dairy Queen
  • King Burrito in Shilin
  • Lucky Ribs
  • Tribeca
  • Cyclo at Dunhua 
  • Whalen's
  • Chicken in Bok and Beer
  • Pico Pico
  • Bite2Eat at Zhongxiao
  • Biteology
  • L'Idiot (reopening)
  • Yiamas Greek Taverna
  • VVG Action and Cafe Showroom and lots of eats at Eslite Spectrum Songyan
  • Leo's Tuck Shop
  • Shrimp Daddy
  • MVSA
  • Perfume Dance at ATT4Fun
  • Schaffer's Kitchen
  • Campus Cafe
  • Queen's Cuisine
  • Homie Cafe
  • Black as Chocolate World
  • Leo's Tuck Shop
  • Quiznos
  • Fiesta Cafeteria
  • Kinfolk Cheese and Coffee

NEW REVIEWS TO COME (otherwise known as my to do list) (what do you want to read about first?)

CLOSED (Darn it, some closed before I could write about them!!) (Sadface)


Bubble Tea 101 said...

Looking forward to the new reviews! If you do visit Belle Epoque, be sure to eat the bubble tea pancakes, they are delicious :)

LG said...

Lucky Ribs - Dry and bad sides
Cyclo - Meh, Brookhurst Caliphonia is much better, although Mooooo Pho was by far the best.
Whalen's - Was good when they opened but quickly went downhill as they tried to cost down things
Schaffer's Kitchen - Worth a visit
Quiznos - Good bread, barely any sauce and dry toppings (Pulled pork)
EIEIO Gastropub - Truly unique place in Taipei
Butcher's Kitchen - Bland
BLT Burger - Terrible
Mazendo - Was good when they opened, not so impressed last time I went
Gaucho Grill - Disappointing
1Bite2Go Xinyi - Not as good as the Anhe location, too big menu?
Botega del Vin - Great place, make sure you book well ahead of time
Opa Greek Tavern - Was great when they opened, change of ownership ruined the place
LMNT Eat - Horrid

alexandrea132 said...

Mayan Grill closed already??? Are you talking about the one near Woolloomolo?
Great to hear L'idiot is back. I heard Texas Roadhouse is opening in MingShen. Do you know that from LA?
How about the NY style pizza @ ATT4Fun 1st floor? That one looks unique. They have pizza by slice.

Athena Aquino said...

You should try out Taitoma (Also known as Taiyou no Tomato)! It's in the basement/foodcourt of Caesar Park Hotel right beside Taipei Main Station. Their Tomoto Cheese Ramen is to die for. :)

Anonymous said...

Mayan on Xinyi is still open as of two weeks ago.. I haven't tried it yet, but it is on my list.

joanh said...

bubble tea 101- i have to go back to try the bubble tea pancakes! my friends got the oreo one and i wasn't a fan.

LG- love your feedback. some are spot on!

alexandrea132- the one on xinyi is closed now. i've never had Texas Roadhouse in LA, but i'll be sure to give it a try soon!

athena aquino- thanks!!

anonymous- it's closed a/o a few months ago.

Clint Rand said...

If you get a chance you should review Whalen's on AnHe road. Best poutine in Taiwan!


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