Tuesday, March 01, 2016


Oh my poor blog. I've neglected you for over a month, but it doesn't mean I haven't been thinking about you. I've just been traveling (LA, SF, Vegas, Hong Kong, Guam) and away from my computer. I can blog from my phone, but it just takes longer. Not to mention I have been busy with the very important exploration of recipes for my new slow cooker, watching the last season of American Idol, new episodes of the Good Wife, Scandal, Grey's, Younger, and getting some sleep.

So how to ease back into it? I want to post pictures of the new winter menu at RAW, dishes from Mume's one year birthday dinner, long due photos of Achoi, or about new spots in Taipei to get steak frites, chicken and waffles, deep dish pizza, and cheesy fried squid korean rice cakes. There have a been a slew of new-ish burger, steak and fusion cafes the past few months. Or updated pictures from the night markets, some posts which need updates badly. And SO MANY SUSHI BARS to write about. Or a food court round up. My indecision results in procrastination which leads to over a month of staring at the Hello Kitty Shabu post. Sigh Sigh Sigh. This is when I have at least 100 places in my drafts folder, some places that sadly closed since my last restaurant round up. Ok let's start with that.. and then see if we can get the motivation back.


Uncle's Taiwan
Le Blanc
Revel Eatery and Juice Bar
Morton's Steakhouse
Ramen Hero (and all the restaurants at Breeze Xinyi)
Paradise Dynasty
Dim Dim Sum
Breeze Nanjing
Moustache Cafe
Jamba Juice
Llao Llao frozen yogurt
Hello Kitty Shabu
Yum Yum Cafe
Ebisoba Ramen
Zorro Steak
TK Steak at Hotel Proverbs
Beer and Cheese (moved to a new location on Keelung)
Habibi Macaron
Love at First Bite
Big Boyz Pizza
Alexander's Steakhouse
Fly's Kitchen
Triple A Burger
Hai De Lao
Garrett Popcorn
Quelques Patisserie
O Rose Ice Cream
Purebread Bakery
VVG Hideaway
C25 Plus
Palsaik Korean BBQ
Baptong Korean

CLOSED (I know there's more than this.. I'll add to it when I remember)

California Pizza Kitchen (which turned to Sonoma which also ended up closing). Now there's a huge Anzu tonkatsu in that space
Les Bebes Cafe
EIEIO Gastropub
Juice 8
Woogo Juice (original location closed, but other branches popped up at Citylink mall and other malls)
Quiznos on Fuxing
added 3/19/2016
Juicy Diary


Nick said...

Ah, well if Grey's Anatomy is preventing you from writing, that's ok in my book.

Cindy said...

You can do it! Your posts have really helped me acclimate to Taipei since moving here in September, so I want to say thanks (and no pressure)!

joanh said...

Cindy: thanks for your comment! I have a couple of drafts going on! What are your favorite places to eat at so far?

Chubbypanda said...

I wanna play! I wanna play! For dumpling wrappers, I'm going to guess squid ink, pumpkin, tomato, squash, spinach, and plain. There's one I'm not sure about that looks kind of grey. Maybe 仙草?

Cindy said...

Hmm Addiction Aquatic is probably on the top of the list, and my friend saw Uncle's on your Instagram, so we really enjoyed that too. I also like the cozy Bistro O in the Shida Night Market, and can't forget Snow King Ice Cream, which is in a category all on its own!

Ayshwarya Singh said...

i love delicious food and Prawn and Mushroom Tom Yum Soup is my favorite, after reading this blog i feeling hungry.
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Peter Pham said...

I need to pick a restaurant for a romantic dinner with my girlfriend for my birthday. Help Hungrygirl!

joanh said...

@peter- haha western or Asian? Try Mortons Steakhouse (killer view) or Le Blanc (budget friendly) for steak.. Botega Del Vin or Tutto Bello for pasta and cheesecake.. Sushi bar for Japanese -- maybe Cuisine M or Sen Sushi.. I would go to any of those places for a birthday..


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