Monday, March 21, 2016

breakfast/taiwanese: i recommend O BY LOCOFOOD

No. 492 Fujin St
(02) 2762-0538

MRT: Nanjing Sanmin 南京三民站

website: O by Locofood's FB page

hours: 7AM - 4PM

$ (Cash only)

kid friendliness: stool seating only, but lots of kid friendly options on menu

visit reviewed: 1/14/2016

Welcomed myself back to Taipei back in January, with crispy dan bing (or dubbed "crispy omelette" here at O by Locofood), a thin crepe rolled and stuffed with egg, cabbage shreds, German sausage and cheese, pan fried until the outside layer is pliable yet delivers a satisfying crunch. (NT$75) I noticed this colorful shop before my short trip to the US when my parents insisted we visit the bakery next door.

The menu is in Chinese only (except for the daily specials on the wall which have English). Even in Chinese, the names like "Paul's favorite" or "Grandma's " aren't clear what's inside- so I had to ask repeatedly about "what's in this one? what's in this one?" Luckily the server was fairly patient in answering the questions, but I'd be frustrated if there was a line of people asking repeatedly about the menu while I was waiting. Luckily, there was no wait at all, though apparently this is a branch of Locofood, which reportedly has a 30-60 minute wait at its original location. So for the crispy omelette aka dan bing, the other fillings include tuna, bacon, ham, chicken nuggets and hash browns.

Almost like a Taiwanese breakfast burrito made this way, but eaten with a fork. This is a branch of the popular Locofood, but I hate to wait and this place has yet to be discovered by the masses, so it was a quiet place to grab breakfast. As someone commented on instagram, the colorful hanging skillets, decor and serving skillets given Taiwanese breakfast a "hipster" vibe. The dan bing here are slightly more expensive than you'd find at your local Taiwanese breakfast joint, but there is more variety of ingredients to stuff your crispy omelette and one dish is quite filling.

Crispy egg #danbing served in #locofood's signature mini cast iron pan. Great w a touch of ketchup. 

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