Friday, March 25, 2016


Hello Kitty is slowly taking over the world, or at least as many Taiwan transportation modes as she can, one at a time. First were the Hello Kitty planes and airport check in stations for Eva Air. Now the Hello Kitty-fied Taroko Express will run several times a week between Taipei and Taitung, complete with cute Hello Kitty train conductor porkchop bentos for NT$120. 

As for the 328 missing Hello Kitty head covers on the first train ride a few days ago on March 21st? Maybe the TRA should consider just building in the cost of a disposable headrest cover into the cost of each ticket so people can just take them home.. Or sewing them permanently into the seats so they won't be stolen. China Post states they might make the same design into napkins, which could become a souvenir substitute. 

What's next? Hello Kitty taxis? 

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