Wednesday, January 24, 2007

korean: 101 korean mall food

Korean Food at
101 mall food court
(near Watsons)


date visited: 11/8/2006

It's cheap, it's fast and it's easy- sure it's mall food- but for NT$150, you can get a pretty good bim bim bap. Plus the rice gets all crispy on the bottom and you can either stir it up yourself or eat it all separately like I do.

The sides are pretty tantalizing too- with a range of kimchees, potato salad, vegetables and tempura, you can get a choice of 3 for NT$80.

There are two Korean places in the basement food court at 101, so be sure you try out the one that looks like this. It's the one near Watsons. They also have hot pot selections you can eat at their bar-like seating. Sometimes during weekends and rush hour, it's hard to get a seat with their affordable prices. You get complimentary side dishes too when you get the hot pot selection. The other Korean shop has good sides, such as curried potato and cold jap chae, but the bim bim bap here is better.


Lisa Wang said...

yay, i love korean food. Bim bim bap is one of my favorites, i'm definitely going to this place when i'm in taipei.

Anonymous said...

speaking of food court food, have you tried the new SOGO (BR4)? Even DTF has a store there. Long waiting line as usual. BR4 also has fancier full service restaurants on the 10th and 11th floor. BTW, CitySuper supermarket is on B3.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe I was there too about 3 weeks ago! Taipei 101 is awesome. I did not eat there but there were at least 2 different Korean restaurants in the food court. One of them was a spicy hotpot counter sitdown place, maybe Pusan style cooking. The funny thing is any Korean place you go to it will be either called Jeju or Pusan, and it will either be soon tofu pot or spicy Korean style hot pot. Not much variation there, but maybe that's only at the popular places.

Chubbypanda said...

Yummy! I grew up eating those tempura fish cake thingies.

Anonymous said...

It looks delicious. I haven't had bibimbap for so long.

Unknown said...

I personally don't like most "Korean" places in Taipei their tofu pots end up being more Chinese hot pot than soon dubu. But there is a good mapo tofu pot in 101 called "Ah-Gong" and it's like NT$130 which is relatively cheap. The bottom of the rice is like rice crackers nice and crispy.

joanh said...

ffc: hahah. glad you liked it when you tried it.

ron: yes, tried the food court at the new Sogo. There are quite a few cool things to try there.

kk: yeah, i only recently found some sit down places that had more things, like the cold noodles i love!

chubbypanda: mmm

sue: welcome to the blog! are there ANY korean restaurants in australia?

kelvin: any korean places in Taipei that you recommend?? :)