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Sunday, August 05, 2007

my first trip to Shanghai!

I'll be visiting Shanghai for the first time next week! So I wanted to ask if any of you out there can recommend any good places to eat or good Shanghai food blogs. Much appreciated!!!!


Anonymous said...

Nanxiang Mantou Dian is supposed to be the birthplace of xiaolongbao. It's in the City God Temple area (which has lots of snack vendors) and I think the lines may be more insane that Din Tai Fung's. And nearby is a hole-in-the-wall place that serves the silkiest tofu pudding EVER. Nothing fancy toppings. Just tofu pudding and syrup. They also have stinky tofu there too. Not sure of a name/address...hopefully one of the locals will know?!

Have a great trip!!!

Anonymous said...

I found Xinjiang food to be interesting but I can't remember which restaurant I ate at. I do believe there is a somewhat recent thread on the subject at or google "xinjiang food shanghai" like I did to go straight to the thread.

I can't wait for your Shanghai posts!

Jane said...

Hey, that's so cool! I just got back from Shanghai, so food eaten there is on my mind! We like a restaurant (chain, all over the city) called Xiao Nan Guo, which serves really good tofu crab roe claypots and simple stir-fried river shrimp (small kind) dipped in vinegar. Their xiao long bao is pretty good, too, but if you're visiting the more touristy Yu Yuan, then go to the Nanxiang Crab Dumplings restaurant, either the second or third floor, for their crab roe and pork dumplings. Be sure to pack a lot of insect repellant for those pesky little mosquitoes. Have a great trip and "yi lu ping an"!

Rose said...

The restaurant scene changes so fast in Shanghai, it's hard to keep up. I would try to figure out different cuisines you'd like to try and go from there. I hear that M on the Bund is now considered "passe" but it might still be worth visiting.

I can, however, make a few museum recommendations. Both the Shanghai museum and the Shanghai Art museum are well worth going to visit.

Ron Wu said...

This isn't food related, but if you get a chance, ride the maglev train. The only one in the world that is used commercially. 30Km of distance in 7.5 minutes. Although the top speed is 450Km/hr. But the distance is not long enough for the train to reach. Takes 4 minutes of acceleration to get to 350Km/hr then the rest of 3.5 minutes to decelerate .
Enjoy your trip

Unknown said...

Hello, There are many great places to eat in Shanghai... but then, i dont know the name or the address, so i guess i'm not much help. all i can say is that, all kinds of food everywhere is good. and i dont recommend the xiaolong bao from the temple because i didn't find it appetizing..
if you go to the SuperBrand Mall (正大廣常) in 陸家嘴.. pudong, they have lots of great places to eat. the Macau restuarant near the theater is good, 小南國燒烤, 一茶一坐 is good for tea/drinks/desserts.

Katherine said...

i hope this doesn't come too late...!

Jinjiang Gourmet Street, 59 Maoming Nanlu by Changle Lu (Tel: 5466 5070)
classy & graceful Old Shanghai decor, delicious food from different regions, shouldn't be cheap, but it is (by Taipei standards)

Crystal Jade
it's in Xintiandi Plaza (v. close to Xintiandi)
don't mind that it's part of a Singapore chain. i went twice in 4 days- for dinner & brunch. it's buzzing with energy and serves awesome Shanghainese and Cantonese dim sum, plus BBQ pork.

1221 Yanan Xilu, by Fanyu Lu (Tel 6213 6586)
a mix of Shanghainese and Cantonese dishes.... so good and well worth the trip (it's best to take a taxi, it's in a small alley off Yanan Xilu).

Bao Luo
271 Fumin Lu, by Changle Lu (tel 5403 7239)
probably 1 of the most famous restaurants in town. reservations a must.

87 Fumin Lu, by Julu Lu (tel 6249 5628)
spicy as hell Hunanese food. i remember it starting out delicious but after 2 dishes, my tongue went numb. hopefully your spice threshold is higher than mine!

Anonymous said...

Oh man, you have to go to South Beauty. Sooo good, it is about the only reason I miss going to Shanghai, and probalby the only thing I'd want to do on going back (well, that and some good xiao long bao in yu yuen (nan xiang?) it with the vinegar).

joanh said...

everyone!! thanks so much for all the recommendations. I guess I was like Nancy, not knowing the names or addresses of the places we were eating at. Kat- thanks so much for the addresses and info! I will have to use it as a guide the next time I go.