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Tuesday, December 04, 2007

coffee/tea: BARISTA COFFEE

lots of locations
look for the red and black circular logo

website: English and Chinese

hours: 7am- 12midnight, most locations


Kid friendliness: cafe like environment like Starbucks

Visit reviewed: 11/18/2007

Felt like a bagel that day to go with a vanilla latte and a place to sit down. Barista had bagel sandwiches. They let me order a bagel ala carte, but they didn't have any cream cheese. They offered strawberry jam or butter. The bagel was served warm, but not toasted.. it was a more bread-like bagel than chewy bagel like those offered at NY Bagel.

You've probably spotted these around town- the website says they've been around since 1997. Their coffees/teas range from NT$100-150. I'm not a huge coffee drinker and I like it on the sweet side, so I tend to favor Starbucks and Coffee Bean for their vanilla lattes. The latte here was not bad and not bitter (which I can't do).

The servers probably understand less English than you would get at Starbucks... but pointing helps too.


Anonymous said...

I used to be drawn to Barista Coffee because they had syrups that Starbucks didn't have, but they're not too great when it comes pleasing the customer. Every time I've tried to customize a drink they have "strongly discouraged" me from doing so.

Have you been to Melange Cafe (Chungshan Station, exit 2 in the alley behind McDonald's) or Madame Jill's Vietnamese Cuisine (GongGuan, on the street perpedicular to Roosevelt with Campus Bookstore, Starbucks, and Bossini, headed towards Dingzhou Rd)? I recommend these places! Melange always has a line. Their strawberries and cream waffle (I can't remember the exact name in English)is great! And Starbucks has a seasonal "red berry bliss bar" that I think suits American tastes, especially with a hot cup of coffee...You also need to try 超凡小飯館兒--a delicious Korean place on PuCheng Street (near Shida Road). Evan's Burger (across from it) is not bad, either.

joanh said...

j'adore food: thanks for all the awesome recommendations! I actually have tried Madame Jill's - should post my pics/write up soon.. but i will have to try the korean place.. it's hard to find a good one, or at least the one we like is not open at lunch.

Patrick Cowsill said...

I think that Barista's (Seattle Coffee in Chinese) coffee is quite good. I enjoy their Americano. One thing I don't enjoy is the price NT$90 per cup (around US$3). What you can do to offset the ridiculous price is order a set meal, for about NT$180. I comes with a salad and coffee. I usually get the lasagna, which I think is pretty good (though some of my colleagues argue this point).

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