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Thursday, December 18, 2008

taiwanese/snack: JI KWONG HSIANG HSIANG JI

(or Ji Kwong Fragrant Chicken)
No. 2, Lane 49, Chung Hsiao E Road, Sec 4
(near SOGO)
To order delivery:0966395551


hours: 11 AM- 10:30PM (not sure about this)


Kid friendliness: some of the pieces have cartilage and bone so be careful with smaller kids.

Visit reviewed: 10/15/2008

One of the best things about Taipei is that you can find street vendors around everywhere- some have regular spots that you can find them, others are tucked into alleys near busy shopping areas for hungry shoppers or students on the go. Ji Kwong Hsiang Hsiang Ji is near Sogo, right near TGIF and you can often smell the fried chicken calling you from afar- thus the name "Hsiang Hsiang" or Fragrant.

My friend wanted to pick some up after an afternoon of running errands at Sogo and I'd never had it before so I was definitely interested. A line quickly formed after we ordered, as they pour the battered chopped up chicken into the fryer to order. After they fry it up, they have a giant scooper to scoop it into the cooling area and then sprinkle mysterious salt powder (probably top secret spices) onto the chicken- and ask if you want it spicy.

A small bag is NT$55 and the large bag is NT$100. Inside are crispy nugget-like pieces that you can stick with the giant toothpicks that they give out.

Be warned though, the spicy is pretty spicy.. just because they sprinkle the spices on the chicken before they scoop it in the bag and it's unevenly spread out. Powdered spices concentrated on more pieces than others. I couldn't really eat any more after a couple pieces. Also the chicken pieces have cartiledge or bone chunks so I found that annoying when I was eating the chicken. I'd rather eat the large flat fried chicken instead.

There's other locations across Taipei listed on their website.. I'll translate the locations when I have time.


Roger said...

D: this post makes me even more sad that I am unable to visit Taiwan during xmas. Gawd I miss street vendor food...

Anonymous said...

In terms of street meat, this is a bad option for the point you mentioned in the end. The chunks of bone are a real turn-off.

At the Tung-Hua Night Market off Keelung road (or surprise surprise Tung-Hua Road), there is a guy there that makes some decent street meet. Nice meat on a stick, no bones and 3 for 100NT.

Bao said...

mmmmm meat on sticks *drooool*

joanh said...

roger: i have even better street vendor food posts coming up!

anonymous: yeah, i agree. NO bones wanted. I haven't reviewed Tung Hwa Night Market yet.. I'll have to go again when it stops raining

Bao: :) everything is good on sticks, right?