Tuesday, June 15, 2010

japanese/tonkatsu: i recommend PIN TIAN TONKATSU

No. 45, MinSheng E. Road, Sec. 4, B1
(02) 2718-6566

(This branch closed a/o 2014. Now Chili Crab)

website: http://www.pintian.com.tw/ Chinese and Japanese only


Kid friendliness: high chairs available. kids meal sizeable

Visit reviewed: 5/1/2010

If you don't mind cafeteria style service, then Pin Tian Tonkatsu is a lot of food for a good price. That's probably why it was packed on a weekend evening and we had to wait almost an hour for a table for six without a reservation. For under NT$300, you get a set menu meal that includes a steamed egg, a drink and small shot of vinegar, on top of the tonkatsu, miso soup, rice and dessert other places also offer.

Once you get a seat, you have to check off what you want to order by yourself after browsing the menu. I much prefer the Saboten style- where you place your order while you are waiting in line, so your food is nearly ready after you are seated. If you can't read Chinese, there are a few photos, but try matching up the characters to check off what you want. Besides fried pork cutlets, they also offer variations like cheese tonkatsu (stuffed with cheese and seaweed and bacon), takoyaki style tonkatsu (topped with squid and bonito flakes) or topped with grated radish.

I found it hard to wave the waiters down, as they were busy rushing around getting trays to give to customers and loading up trays to a tall rack that had dirty dishes that they rolled around the restaurant. They weren't particularly friendly or unfriendly, they just seemed too busy to really give you any service. Perhaps it would be better experience on a weekday lunch.

I got the tonkatsu with curry which was crispy and juicy and not too fatty. I quite liked the apple cider vinegar drink that came with the dish- it was sweet and sour and tasted just like apple cider with vinegar mixed in.

I was most impressed with the kid's meal which seemed to have an equally big piece of tonkatsu as an adult's portion for half the price. And with french fries! This is definitely the best sized kid's meal that I've seen at all the fried pork restaurants.

I didn't even realize that our set came with a steamed egg until they brought it to us when we were nearly done with our meals. I was too full to really even try it.

The fruit ice tea was way too sweet with too much fructose, but the green tea ice cream was a nice way to end the meal, with some red beans on the bottom.

The restaurant is in the basement, so you descend the stairs to get there. It also makes the restaurant quite dark since there are no windows.


No. 7, Zhongshan Rd, Sec. 1, 2F
(02) 2964-2661

No. 146, Nanjing E. Road, Sec. 2, 2F
(02) 2507-7279


Viv said...

I love a good crunchy/juicy tonkatsu! i think i recognise this restaurant - is it a chain in japan? rem i saw it last time i was there!

☺lani☺ said...

Hmm, I'll try that soon! Thanks for the info

Cookie Chomper said...

how does this compare to Anzu tonkatsu?

joanh said...

vivienne: thanks for commenting! is it a chain in Japan?? i'm not sure!

lani: thanks for commenting! hope you enjoy it!

cookie chomper: personally, i'd go back to Anzu, though Anzu's pork is sometimes too fatty for me. Saboten is still my fave! thanks for commenting!

Cynthia said...

Anzu has fattier cuts of pork chop, I agree. But that's what keeps me coming back for more. =)

Nicholas said...

I for one liked Anzu better, but it's true, the fat content of theirs might be a put off for others (although I did prefer their 'crust').

I wonder if Pin Tian'll let me order the kid's meal... haha.