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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

snapshot: new stuff spotted at COSTCO

Spotted on my Costco run today! A megapack of Korean ramen noodles with curry including the diced potato, carrots etc. I was super tempted by this, and will try it on my next trip.

Jalapeno muenster and chipotle jack cheese slices. If you've ever bought cheese in Taipei, you know how expensive it can be. A small chunk of smoked cheese at Breeze's supermarket is about NT$100. So that makes this a bargain at NT$285, even though I'd probably rarely pay US$10 for cheese in the states. I really like Finlandia's Colby, Jack, Cheddar and Swiss pack so I bought a pack of this to try.

And...Tigreat premade crepes, coming in butter and sugar or chocolate fillings. I was tempted by this too, but I resisted. Has anyone tried this or bought premade crepes before?

Stuff picked up on this trip- Kirkland pesto, grapes, apple strudels and a giant jar of Korean citron tea.


Cahleen @ The Alt Story said...

I live off of the Korean street in Yonghe, and now I finally know what that "jam stuff" is that they have sitting outside of a lot of the shops. I had no idea it was tea! I'm tempted to buy some now. What's it taste like?

Terry J. Benzie said...

I tried the crepes - they were probably as good as ready-made crepes could be but the package had a ton inside so if but a single person were eating them, they would be very tired of them by the time the package were finished.

joanh said...

cahleen: haha! yes, it's sort of like a pomelo citrus drink with honey.. i drink it when i'm craving lemonade. you put about a spoonful in a glass, add water and then stir it until it mixes together. you can adjust the "jam" and water ratio to your liking of sweetness and add ice. sometimes I add a little hot water first to "melt" the citron honey and then add room temp water then ice.

terry: like everything at costco- bulk portions. did you reheat them over a pan or eat them cold?

Anonymous said...

I sometime need ingredients for rainy day (in Taipei days.) Dry herbs always handy for Pesto. Pesto with pasto and chicken or fish and shellfish make a fast and easy meal.

The storage life is longer than ready made pesto if making it with dry herbs with spinach and cheese.


Lauro Pedot said...

With this pictures, my hungry is increasing! Congratulations for this pictures and excellents texts. God Bless you.

Tyrone Hayes said...

It's been awhile since I've been to VVG Bistro and written about it (FOUR years!). It's kind of fun to look at old reviews and old photos- not only is it a snapshot of the blog at the time,

joanh said...

Anonymous/Sally: i find the pesto really handy for when i want to make something at the spur of the moment too!

Lauro: thanks for commenting!! :)

Tyrone: thanks for commenting

maoman said...

I tried the crepes - they were waaaay too sweet. I mean, they should have used 1/10th the amount of sugar they did. It was like eating candy.

hyunjae said...

HGIT, hi there~

I have tried that curry ramen here in Korea. Usually the picture on the cover of ramen package are set-up pictures and almost never implies WYSIWYG.

Maybe, you would wanna prepare your own diced potato or whatever ingridients for satisfactory meal. :)

nevertheless, I quite enjoyed it. Curry soup is not very thick, so some people use little less water. I guess it all depends.

Unknown said...

We tried the crepes as well. They are very large and unless you have a huge griddle they are a bit hard to handle. I noticed that they were a bit difficult to separate.
They were sweet but very good with peanut butter and bananas for dessert. And as Terry mentioned there were a lot. We still have them in our fridge.