Sunday, September 05, 2010

news: CLOSED restaurant updates & A8 Shin Kong Mituskoshi revamp

Walked around the A8 Xinyi Shin Kong Mitsukoshi food court today for the first time since its revamp in July. It's a bit fancier now, with a glossier look and some new additions- Subway, Hielo frozen yogurt, Richard Blanc bakery, Coldstone ice cream and what seems to be new sushi and teppanyaki places. Also an interesting addition- a pizza place called Skinny Taj Pizza with some traditional pizzas as well as some fusion. Noticeably gone is Good Day, which seemed a little lost previously on the opposite side of the food court near all the Japanese snacks. But now the food court extends and circles around the whole B2 floor. When I get back from LA, I'll explore it some more and do a full post.

After catching GOING THE DISTANCE last night, I thought I'd wander over for crepes at Suzette forgetting that NYNY is pretty much emptied out and being redone (rumor has it- for a new H&M in Taipei?!?). So the whole row of Starbucks, Mister Donut, McDonalds and around the corner, Suzette, are all gone (not to mention the NYNY food court). The website hasn't been updated, so don't know if it's moved elsewhere or if it's gone for good. Does anyone know?

What else has closed this year?
-Citizen Cain which is now a place called Cubano, which I heard has quite good Cuban sandwiches!
-La Casita
-California Grill at the Dun Hua location
-Famous Larry's NY Pizza
-Blue Spice Thai (we barely knew you!)

Any other updates that I should add to this list?

There's quite a bit of change in the 101/Taipei City Hall MRT area- the addition of the Taipei City Hall bus station center and addition/extension of the MRT station there has another food court-looking space to explore. Later this year (or next?) will also add the Le Meridien and W Hotel to this busy Taipei area. Looking forward to seeing what restaurants open up in those hotels.


Anonymous said...

The skinny Taj Pizza is new and attractive. It is skinny and cracks. It is good for people on diet. Less oil, less cheese and good for health.

Spitze said...

Sababas at Yong Kan Park is shutting down, maybe moving, but they said they are closing soon.


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